Subject: [PMFFML] Ranma 1/2 No title yet (idea, very rough draft)
From: "Fardoche Trevelian" <>
Date: 2/24/2001, 1:10 PM
To: <>

I honestly don't know what possessed me to write this, but here you go. 
Ranma 1/2 and all its personnages don't belong to me.  Viz and Rumiko Takahashi own them.
<end disclaimer>
No title yet
It was a rainy rain in Nerima, in a dojo, where we could see a few familiar figures sparring.  The first seemed amused while the second was furious. 
"what happened, why are you so pissed about, P-chan??"
"I HAVE HEARD IN THIS TOWN A WEIRD SOUND, AND THEN I SAW A BIG PURPLE DINOSAUR HEADING STRAIGHT AT ME!!!!! What am I going to do now?" he said just before fainting.
Ranma then noticed Ryoga's face was white and he looked tired, afraid and was beaten up.
He paled.  "Damn! It's not possible..."
That was when he could feel a monstrous pain on the back of his head.
Ranma and Ryoga were climbing a mountain near the amazon village (anyone know its name???) when they suddently heard a loud roar...
Much later, A loud explosion could be heard.
As they were walking down a dark corrior, Ranma-chan saw a huge shadow leaping at her.  she dived to the side as it landed besides her.
She heard a snarl.
Sorry it's so short and flimsy, but it was just an idea I had.  I'm going to post a few chapters during the next few days.  I have a few questions however.
What is the name of the mountains range near the amazon village?
Where the difference between Ryoga and Ryouga, Kuno and Kunou come from?  Which one should be used?
thank you