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Pulling her too-thin Chinese shirt about her a little more tightly,
Ranma swore under her breath. "If it's not one thing..."

She cut the thought off, peering into the streets around her. It was
difficult to see, with her eyes constantly tearing up, and the hacking
cough she had developed over the last few weeks since coming back to
Japan kept her from moving too quickly.

But if the last thing she had gotten from her father's body was
accurate, then her mother was somewhere around here...

She swallowed, shaking away the moisture in her eyes. It couldn't be
anything other than the weather, of course. Or maybe the cold.  No way
in _hell_ was she sorry that the stupid bastard... who had... probably
meant well behind it all...

Ranma stopped, punching a nearby lighting pole. "Fuck," she whispered.
"Why'd you have to go an' die, ol' man?"

She sank to her knees, and pulled her last remaining possession from
her pocket. The letter her father had handed her even as the rampaging
amazons had pinned him down with their javelins. His final cry of,
"Run, uh, girl! Run!" still echoed in her ears.

She sniffled, drawing a sleeve across her face, remembering the battle
cry of the offended amazon warriors as she had managed to clear the
hills. She shuddered, remembering the terrible, snarled, "Wode Airen!"
and the occasional, "Wo ai ne!" She shook her head again, unable to
force the howls her father had began unleashing at that point from her

"Damnit... pop... why did'ja have to beat em all up?" It had turned
ugly... true, but there was no reason to worry about that _now_...
"Water... gotta get some hot water..." That would help. Being male,
would leave her much less vulnerable to the cold, and she wanted to
present herself to her mother as a man before she explained her
father's death.

She stumbled then turned towards a small restaurant. An elderly man and
a young boy leaned on the counter, probably father and son, though both
looked at the redheaded girl in alarm as she staggered in.

Covering her mouth with one hand, she choked back a cough, then asked,
"Can I get some hot water?"

The man stepped away, grimacing with distaste, and the boy reacted
after a moment, nodding. "Uh... yeah, sugar. What's happened to you?"

Ranma said nothing for a long moment, staring at her feet.  "Nothin'...
just getting' over my pop dyin', I guess."

The boy winced, as he set a kettle on the counter, and filled a cup
with it. "Ouch. That's gotta hurt... sorry to hear that... what's your
name, anyway?" Better be sure, because if she passed out, the police or
medics would want to know.

Taking the kettle in one hand, the redhead grunted. "Saotome Ranma.
Don't worry, I don't think you'll be seein' me too much." She doused
herself with the water, changing before the startled men in front of
her. Male again, he set the kettle back down. "I'll prolly be coming
back at some point if I get some money, or somethin'.  I gotta thank
ya... anyway." He trudged out of the shop, leaving the two boys to

After a moment, the older man collected himself. "Um... Kuonji-san,
weren't you _looking_ for a Saotome Ranma?"

The younger chef, seemingly paralyzed, twitched one, then growled,
snatching a giant spatula from beneath the grill. "Saotome Ranma!
Prepare to -- oh shit. Where did he go!?"

The elder chef smacking himself in the forehead and muttered something


"I don't know, Makoto... I don't think that picking a boy up off the
streets like that is wise. What if he's some kind of criminal?"

The response was plaintive, the voice cutting into Ranma's mind, where
he was busily trying to die. "I don't know, Ami... I think leaving him
here is even less wise. I mean, what if he's dying?"

Yeah, thought Ranma, annoyed. That's exactly what I'm doing! "Good
point. I'll help you move him, but wouldn't it be better to call an

"We'll get him to my place and you can look him over. If he's really
dying, we'll call from there. As it is, he's probably freezing to
death." Ranma wasn't in a condition to complain at that point, not


Ami studied the boy in Makoto's bed intently. "You know," she remarked,
"he actually looks quite a bit healthier, now."

Makoto swept into the room with a tray, laden with soup bowls. "Yep,"
she chirped, "A lot like my old senpai, actually."

Ranma grunted, slowly coming awake. "Uh... pops... don't die..." The
girls watched, fascinated as Ranma sat up unsteadily, eyes half-lidded,
and hair seeming windblown.

Makoto found herself incredibly happy to be sitting down already, since
she was reasonably certain that her knees wouldn't have supported her
much longer. "Forget my old senpai," she murmured, licking her lips

Ami stared at Ranma for a moment, as he settled back into the bed, and
fell asleep again. "Um," she remarked. "Maybe we should think about
having him put in the hospital after all."

Makoto blinked at Ami, suddenly suspicious, then shook her head.
"Er... right. Anyway." She shook Ranma gently, rousing him. "Wake up,
we need to get some food into you..." Ranma's eyes opened slowly, and
he focused on the spoon in front of him.

"Heaven," he whispered, as the scent wafted towards him.

Ami masked a twitch, then frowned. Makoto would be moving _much_ too
fast, at this rate. Though the way Makoto's face had suddenly suffused
red at the boy's words...

The knock on the door was just what Ami decided was called for. "Ah,
Makato, could you get that, I need to make sure this young man keeps
eating." Makato opened her mouth to protest, to say that she was
perfectly capable of helping the young man..helping him out those damn
clothes, under those warm sheet, maybe he'd need additional
warming...maybe even..

She fanned herself, "Wow, I think that IS a tad fast." Makato decided
mentally. "Sure thing Ami. I'll be right back."

She opened the door to reveal a sunnily smiling Usagi. "Hi Makato. I
was in the neighborhood and thought I'd surprise you!" She beamed.
"Translation," Makoto mused. "She was hungry but didn't have any money
for ice-cream." Out loud she said, "Hi yourself Usagi, c'mon in." And
stepped aside to let her friend enter.

"Makato who was..Oh hello Usagi." Ami said from the bedrooms doorway.
"Hey Ami, what're you doing here?" "Uh..well..that is..."

"What she's trying to say is that a young man collapsed in front of my
apartment and we're nursing him back to health." Makato interupted.

That staggered Usagi briefly. "Really? An mission for mercy? What
happened to him? Was he hurt? Is he ok? Should we call an ambulence?
The Doctor? A hospital?" Usagi's hormones got the last word in. "Is he

Ami's eyes cross briefly. "Um...Yes, We don't know, not really just
hungry, no, yes, no, no, and I'm not one to make that kind of
judgement." And with that she turned on her heel and rentered the
bedroom and her patient.

Usagi began to tip toe to the toward the open doorway..quietly, quckly,
quickly quietly.. "I want to get a peak at this mysterious stranger."
She though. Ami lunging from the open doorway and well into Usagi's
personal space derailed that plan. "I have to tend to my patient Usagi
so I'll need total privacy. Total!" And again she spun on her heel but
this time slammed the door and locked it.

"Alone at last." Ami sighed. The young man lying on the bed had
succumbed to the aches of his weary bones and returned to blissful
sleep. "Well," Ami thought. "We can't have that." And a very UN-Ami-ish
smile crossed her features.

The other Senshi thought they knew her. The other Senshi thought they
understood her. The other Senshi thought they could predict her.

Wrong..wrong..wrong... Her panties hit the floor atop of the pile of
her discarded clothing. "Wrong." She whispered to the air beside her.

"Hmm..wonder how surprised they would be if they knew I was studying
the Karma Sutra." Ami mused.

She glided across the floor and soon was running her hands over the
young man's strong, firm chest. "I don't even know his name!" She
realised. "Ah well." She shrugged her shoulders causing, if the young
man had been awake to notice, intresting effects with her breast.
"That just makes it more exciting."

She slowly unlaced the ties on the black, silk, pants he was wearing
and, lifting his legs, slid them off.

"Boxers!" She exulted. "Well, that makes things even easier.

Ranma was..not quite asleep. Not quite awake. In that hazy in between
world of ..asleep and not quite awake. Everything had taken a surreal,
and unbelievle quality. So that blue haired girl had not just stripped
naked. She had not pulled of his pants. Not really, no. Just his
imagination. That cool, smooth feeling of her hand sliding into his
boxers and pulling out his pride and joy, just imagination too. "Yay
imagination." A part of his pysche cheered.

And she definietly was not, no way, uh-uh..HELLO!

The icy, hot tingle that zoomed up his spine, from his crotch as the
woman had enveloped his cock between her lips, brushed aside the

Ranma's eyes bulged outwards and his breath caught in his throat
creating an intresting 'Snnrkk-hork!' sound.

"Mmmmm.." Ami MMmm'ed. "He tastes so yummy." The sudden intake of air,
and it's subsquent jam in the throat alerted her to her patients now
alert status. She ignored it and proceded to swallow more of her

"Excuse me." Her head bobbed up and down, her tounge sliding around the
base of the captive penis she held in her mouth. "Excue me." She let
almost all of it out, except for the head which she pictures as being
big, swollen and purple, and fluttered her tounge along the underside.
She was rewarded with a stammer. "Ex..Ex..Excuse me."

Ami sighed and pulled away from her toy completly. "Yes?" She asked.

"What are you doing?" The young man asked quietly. His eyes seemd
several sized to large and he was idly playing with his finger tips.
He looked like someone who wanted to be somewhere else desperately, but
wasn't sure if that was what he wanted either.

"What's your name?" She countered the question with a question.

"Um..Ranma...Ranma Saotome." "Well, Ranma I've giving you a blow-job."
And with his question answered, she returned to doing just that.

The young man who indentified himself as Ranma gave her a dazed look,
both from his weakened state, the the odd surges of pleasure jolting
through his body. "A.. Blowjob?"

Blinking, Ami smiled mischiefly and nodded, her eyes shining in
delight, never having conquered a virgin before, espicially one as well
built as Ranma. "Mmm Yes.. like this" and before he could stammer out a
reply the short haired girl had once more sunk down on his crotch,
hungerily bobbing her head up and down his length, making small
appreciative sounds of pleasure as Ranma called out weakly, not sure
what else to do.

Outside the room, Usagi and Makoto leaned against the door, having
heard the odd moans coming from the room and imagining exactly what was
going on, espicially after they heard their book-worm of a friend Ami
explain to the boy that she was giving him a blowjob. As they listened
Usagi began feeling a very fimiliar tingle between her legs, the same
she felt every time she'd get Luna to lick her secret spot.

"M.. Mako-chan Umm..a.. are they doing what.. I think their doing?!"
Asked a flushed and trembling Usagi, the heat between her legs growing
as she imagined what was going on behind the locked door, and what she
could be doing right now if she was in there.

Makoto, abit shocked herself could only nod to Usagi, not sure what to
say, a mixture of shock, jealousy, and desire running through her as
she too imagined what was going on with the the sick boy she had found
at her door step and her best friend.  So it can be understood why her
guard was not exactly the best at the moment, and Usagi managed to
catch her by surprise as she stood on her tiptoes to reach the taller
girl's lips, hungerily kissing her as her hands began to feverently
unbotton her friends blouse.

Shocked, and unsure how to respond, Makoto struggled weakly, at war
with both a eager Usagi whose tongue probed her mouth, and her own
self, alittle digusted at the idea of being with another girl, but also
burning with desire from what she has heard, and also feeling the love
for her Princess, whom she has sworn her life too. Finally she chose a
safer middle ground, this was her Princess, whom she had given her life
for twice now, so if she asked for her virginity, then surely that too
was her's for the taking, and having decided this began to return
Usagi's passionate kisses, her own hands sliding Usagi's blue skirt up,
finger tips running up and down her thighs, tracing the blonde's smooth

Usagi smiled softly as she felt Makoto stop struggling, and was
pleasantly surprised when she began to return the kiss, pleased with
herself to have one of her best friends want her physically. "Ohh Mako-
chan ..mmm y.. you can touch me.. if you want.. I.. it feels so nice."
Blushing at her offer, she slowly unbuttoned Makoto's bra, releasing
her large bussom, and began running soft little kisses down Makoto's
chin, then her neck, and shoulders, working her way slowly to the
beautiful mounds she had just freed.

Makoto meanwhile, had slowly worked her hands up to the waistline of
Usagi's panties and were slowly pulling them down, alittle surprised by
the wet slushing sound they made as they pulled away from Usagi's
soaked cunny. "Mmm your really enjoying this aren't you Usagi-chan?"

Answering with a simple nod Usagi continued her slow journey down her
friend's shoulders, running her tongue around the curves of Makoto's
breasts, causing the larger girl to let out a weak sigh of pleasure as
Usagi brought her hands up, cupping her breasts as she slowly brought
her soft pink lips to Makoto's engorged left nipple, her tongue
flickering out and lightly brushing against the nipple.

Trembling in pleasure Makoto let out a muffled groan of pleasure, her
free hand holding her friend's head, watching as she began to suckle on
her nipple, surprised at how natural it felt, and how good. "Ohh Mmm
Usagi.. t.. that feels wonderful!" Slowly she brought her other hand up
to Usagi's bare cunny, running her fingers through the blonde's soft
down of pubic hair, noting the warm moisture covering it and all but
dripping from the smaller girl's mound.

Usagi, caught by surprise by the delightful feel of Makoto's hand on
her Honeypot cries out softly then weakly bites her friend's nipple by
accident, and is abit shocked by Makoto's reaction, clutching her head
closer, shuddering savagely and letting out loud cries of delight,
begging for more, which Usagi timidly grants, nibbling and tugging at
the engorged nipple, a free hand going to the other and begins to pinch

Makoto, abit shocked by how pleasurable she finds Usagi's ministration
grows bolder with her exploration, and uses two fingers to slowly part
her Princess' outer lips, letting them be bathed in the warm wetness of
the smaller girl's arousal, as they begin to work their way up and down
her labia, gently exploring.

Crying out in delight Usagi slipped her own hand down into Makoto's
skirt and ground it into her friend's drenched panties, wanting to
reward her for such delightful pleasure, still sucking and nibbling on
her nipple as she does, feeling good that she can give her loyal friend
such pleasure.

Just as the two were about to reach mutual release, a timid, male voice
called out to them, breaking them from their rapture "Uhh.. excuse me..
b.. but whats going on here?!" Ramna blinked, shocked by the sight of
the two beautiful girls slowly pleasuring each other, and he thought
the short-haired girl was bad.. at least she exhausted easy, two goes
and she was down.. but it was kind of nice, and he WAS a 'Man Amongst
Men' curse or no curse, he would live up to his father's dying wish.

          *****  ***  *****

Interesting enough, at the precise moment Ranma was hoping to 'rise'
once again to the occasion, his father (who, unbeknownst to the young
aquatransexual but now knownst to us) was having a hard time living up
to his own high standards.

The middle aged Martial Artist, now trapped and in the main hut of the
Amazon village, was now left with the task of servicing the *10th* of
the *49* Chinese Amazons he had defeated before his strength gave out.

Now all of these women were his wives (lucky Ranma thought he was dead,
the old man thought.  If Nodoka were here now, she'd kill me...or
demand to join in...kind of the same thing, given his situation).

"Hairspray!  You get off Mr. Groom now, it's *my* turn!!!"

"You had your turn already...three times, Shampoo!"

Of course not all of these lovely women were all that patient.

"We *could* make it a joint effort, couldn't we?" the red-haired Amazon
seductively purred to her lavender-haired companion.  "I'm sure husband
wouldn't mind, would he?"

"I *am* dead now..." Genma thought as the two started to warm up with
each other.

          *****  ***  *****

(And now that we've thrown the literary glass of cold water on this
lemon, we now continue with the perversity, already in progress...)

          *****  ***  *****

Rei and Minako walked along the streets Ami and Makoto trod only a
little while, along with a guest of Rei's, a young man with long black
hair tied in a ponytail.  He apparently was looking for a young martial
artist named Ranma Saotome, and apparently had gotten word that he may
have been around here somewhere, and was not in the best shape.

"You didn't have to help me look for Ranma, you know," Ukyou told the
Shinto shrine maiden and her blonde companion.

"That's alright.  I always wish to help a young man in distress," she

*And neither of us want a catch like you to get out of our sight* she
hungerily mused.  She gave a knowing glance at Minako; as she thought,
both of them were focused on the same thing.

"You look a bit stressed out," Minako added, "Maybe you want to come to
my friends shrine for some release... err, relief.  I mean relaxation!
Yeah, that's it!"

Rei had a sudden urge to smack Minako, especially since her friend was
now 'trying' to look as innocent as possible.  Except that Ukyou didn't
seem to notice what they were saying, probably still worried over that
Ranma person.  <Well, I think I can get your mind off of that,> she
thought, smiling on the inside.  Plus, the thought of having some fun
in the shrine made her feel excited.  She didn't even mind Minako being
around, as the thought of a three-way seemed to make her even more hot.

"I think I can help find Ranma," Rei said, hoping that this can get the
cute boys attention.  Seeing that it got Ukyou's attention on her, she
continued, trying not to get distracted by her heart beating faster
than usual, "We have to go to the shrine where I work, though."
Realizing that she should know just who boy was, just in case she
wanted seconds, she added, "By the way, we never did get your name."

"It's Ukyou.  And yours?," Ukyou replied, giving both girls a smile.
She was finally going to be able to catch Ranma.  This day couldn't get
any better.

Both girls were taken aback by the smile, hearts thumping even louder
with both trying to cross their legs, finding the urge for release to
be greater than before.

"R..Rei," the Shinto shrine maiden stammered.

"Minako," her friend squeaked fast, blushing while doing so.

Both grabbed one of Ukyou's hands and pulled the chef as fast as
possible towards the shrine.



Ranma sat up bolt upright on his futon. His chest was pounding a mile a
minute.  A cold sheen of sweat coated his body, despite the heat of

"Huh? Sun's up? Guess I overslept." He thought. "Well, I _have_ been
busy."  He smirked.

The door to his now, PRIVATE, room cracked open.

"Oh, Ranma-Kun, you're awake. When I heard you scream I was worried."

"Mornin Kasumi-Chan, how you doin'?"

The eldest Tendo daughter was standing in the doorway, her hair was
done perfectly, her warm smiled brought a glow to the room and Ranma
felt a stirring of his flesh that he could not identify. was
either her smile or the fact that she was wearing an apron..and nothing

"Looking good Kasumi-Chan." Ranma murmered.

"Why thank you Ranma-Kun." Kasumi's smile grew in an order of magnitude
that could not be believed.  "I've brought the cold water you wanted."

"Thanks Kasumi, you know me too well...well the 'new' me at any rate."

Kasumi's smile stayed firmly in place as Ranma's form changed to that
of a shorter, bustier, topless, redhead.

Kasumi's only reaction to the change was a slight crinkling of her
nipples. Ranma noticed this and smiled.  She stood on her tip toes and
gave Kasumi a peck on the cheek.

"Later Kas-Chan, I need to do my morning exercises."

With flushed cheeks and a rapid nod Kasumi carefully exited the room.

Ranma stepped over to the window overlook the Tendo compound.  "Yep."
She thought, "Defiently time to work a few kinks out the system."

She arched her back, shoving her impressive chest outward. Her
vertabrae gave a few quiet, popping sounds and she purred in delight.
With that done, Ranma vaulted out the window to land in the yard.  She
had barely a moment to gather her bearings before a warm pair of arms
snaked around from behind to embrace her.

"Mornin' lover." A soft voice purred in her ear.

Ranma giggled before turning in the embrace to give Akane a full blown,
knock out, oh-my-goodness they must be cleaning each other's tonsiles,
class kiss.

"Mornin' Akane-Chan."

"How did you sleep? I thought I heard you scream."

Ranma shuddered at the memory of her dream.  "Yeah, yeah Akane-Chan it
was terrible. A real ball buster of a nightmare."

Akane pouted. "Oh c'mon, it could'nt have been that bad."

Ranma shook her head in disagreemnet. "No, really bad Akane-Chan. I was
with only three women, and two of them weren't even playing with us. It
was so static, and boring. Fingers, tounges, a few kisses. Nothing
INTRESTING. Hell, POPS was getting more girls than me."

Akane shuddered at the thought of such a dross, unimaginative sex life.
And Genma...Ewwww! She gathered the smaller girl in her arms and held
her close.

"It was just a dream lover, just a dream. Reality is so much more
better. What say we go join the others?"

"Un..un!" Ranma nodded eaglerly.

Taking Ranma by the hand Akane lead Ranma around the corner of the
household to where the others were waiting.

Ranma took the scene in before her with satisfaction.  "Yeah," She
thought. "This is much better."

Lying around the back yard, like the four poles of compass, completly
naked, were Ukyo, Shan Pu, Kodachi, and Nabiki.  They were uttering
quiet gasps of pleasure as there hands carrassed their own breasts.
There pelvises thrust upwards in an odd synoncity as they were
pleasured by....

Taro's cursed form sat with a frown on it's bulls head as it's
tentacles pleasured the women around him. Sure, he could do wonderful
things for all of them, but did anyboy think of his needs? Nope.  It
was always, 'Touch me here Taro', or, 'another member here Taro.' So he
had to sit around and listen to them enjoy THEMSELVES while he..

"OI! TARO!" A shoud rang across the yard.

He turned and saw Onna-Ranma lying spread eagled in front of him. At
least he thought it was her. He couldn't be sure as Akane was riding
her face.

Ranma's muffled voice came from around Akane's thighs. "A little
service here please?"

Taro rolled his eyes and took a quick inventory.

Tentacles? Nope, all busy.

Hands? No, they were out of reach.

Hooves? He shuddered, no he was NOT going there.

Ah ha!

Shuffling around a bit Taro sent his long, scaly tail in the direction
of Onna-Ranma's spread legs.

Ranma's muffled scream got Ryouga's attention and he took a look at the
red head, between Akane's legs, as she bucked off the ground in
reaction to Taro's intruding tail. Akane was adding to the red-head's
obvious pleasure my mauling her sizeable breasts.

"Mmmm.." He thought. "Definetly have to get some of that later."  A
harsh pain brought him back to the present.


One of Rouge's heads spat his member out and with a snarl replied,
"Hey, I'm kind of distracted here ok?"

And indeed she was. What with two other heads giving oral attention to
Mu Se and Kuno, than there was Daisuke taking her from behind, while
Hiroshi was busy with her front.

"Gomen." Ryouga muttered. "Er..can I get back in?"

Rouge smiled seductivly while her fourth head gasped in ecstacy. "Sure
thing lover. Just could you go over to my rear face? My jaw's getting
kind of sore."

Ryouga nodded and squeezed himself around Mu Se and between Daiskuke
where he muffled the moaning Rouge with his cock and was returned to

Ke Lun watched all the goings on in the Tendo Yard and shook her head
in dismay.

Shan Pu could not have picked a worse time to drop the Passion-Spice
Nuclear Warhead if she had tried.

The End

This fic was the product of a round robin, in an attempt to see how much a fic can take before critical mass is reached.

Not that much, apparently.
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