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  Here is part A of  Chapter 6 Poison honor,I had to split it into 2 parts to send it. For previous chapters see my webpage at   This may be the last chapter for a few weeks as I'm off to Nine Mile Nuclear power plant for their shutdown and maintenance cycle. (I'm a Senior Radiation Protection Tech)  I still hope to write while gone but I can't guarantee it.

Poisoned Honor



Authors notes: This is a story based on characters owned and copy righted by Takahashi Rumiko and VIZ Communications. I wrote this story for entertainment purposes only and have not received any money for it, nor will I attempt to.


Nodaka tried to run after the fleeing form of Ranma-chan as she fled down the street. At 37, she knew she still had her trim athletic body from her youth, due to her daily Aerobics and Kendo training, but still the younger girl was substantially faster. At the end of the block Nodaka was surprised to see Ranko turn nether left or right but ran straight ahead right at a two story house <Oh My Kami! she so upset, she can’t even see where’s she going!> Nodaka thought.

At the last moment Ranma seemed to almost levitate as she leapt up onto the rooftop, legs spread wide and the kimono billowing up around her torso, exposing her body from the waist down. This exposed her very shapely legs, well rounded hips, and eye catching rear, covered by of all things, a pair of men‘s boxer shorts. This was instantly noticed by a number of young kids paying at the end of the street, who hooted up their comments at the girl. The cries “Hey nice legs! Didn’t your momma tell you not to show your Undies? What’s with the men’s shorts? More! More! Slut!” echoed after the retreating girl.

Nodaka watched Ranko jump from roof to roof, quickly vanishing in the distance. <Men’s underwear? Why would she be wearing them? Doesn't she know her kimono would flare like that? Or is it some new kind of fad? > Nodaka asked herself. <Maybe she did know, and just wanted to cover up her panties? But why didn’t she just wear pants instead, or her gym shorts?> Nodaka thought. <Maybe she’s an exhibitionist! But then she wouldn’t be wearing ANY underwear at all.> Nodaka thought with an evil grin. After a moment however, Nodaka dispatched theses last two thoughts from her mind. <Ranko may not be the most modest of girls, but she isn’t a slut! She blushes a even the slightest mention of sex around her!> Nodaka realized.

Nodaka walked back to her home and as she entered the doorway, her eyes also focused onto the same photo that Ranma-chan had earlier noticed. <I really should take that down, I can help but feel depressed whenever I look at it.> Nodaka realized. <But I can’t, that is the first family portrait of us all together, just after I lost my weight gain. Ranma must have been, what?, four mouths old?> she reminisced. A strong feeling of deja vue, as intense as a electric shock, struck Nodaka and she could only just stand there and stare at the photo, trying to figure out what was wrong. She was staring not at the image of Ranma that she normally fixated on, but her OWN image. <I look so young, my hair was just starting to darken, its still as red as Ranko... HUH!> her thoughts broke off with a start, the hair on her neck rose and a chill ran down her back as goose bumps covered her arms. <I... Ranko...we look alike, we look like sisters, or more like twins, born 20 years apart! She even the same height I was before my last growth spurt!>

The flustered, confused thought that ran through Nodaka mind just further added to the sense of strangeness < She can’t be related... I’ve only had one child, I would KNOW if she was a niece! Could she be a cousin? Maybe Hiro... No, she isn’t old enough.> A sudden thought popped up into her mind, <Dad? could he... ugh! Ranko is 17, mom was dying then, I just CAN'T see him cheating on her....> Nodaka denied the thought. <But how else? Ranko’s a Tendo, and dad did know them, especially Soun.... Could Soun have arranged rendezvous between dad and.... NO!> her mind slam shut that line of thought, even though she knew it was the only one even remotely possible.

Nodaka thoughts return to Ranko’s panic-stricken appearance. < She look so depressed, from the look of her eyes she must have been crying all day.> Nodaka own eyes flitted by the family blades, then stop and shot back to them. Her katana and the tachi were resting were they always did, but... the tanto was missing. <OH NO! Could... could RANKO have taken it? Did she steal it? Does she KNOW the history of that cursed knife?> Nodaka wondered. That blade had killed many, both in battle and in seppuku, and this had seem to seep into the very ’soul’ the knife. Nodaka only handled it to oil the blade, and never when she was depressed. It had away of seeming to drawl the life right out of you, and there was a ‘myth’ that it drew suicidal family member’s to itself .

Nodaka paled as the blood drained from her face, the threads of thought; of Ranko, the missing knife, and suicide, had swirled about in her mind and sudden coalesce into one. <My kami! could Ranko be suicidal? Did the knife draw her here?> Nodaka almost ran back out the door to search for her, but knew that would be fruitless. She didn’t know where to look, she didn’t even know where Ranko really lived, just that she spent a lot of time with her cousins, the Tendo sisters. < I should... MUST call them! They’ll know where to search. I didn’t stop her, I should of known, should of REALIZED when I saw her!> Nodaka mentally accused herself. < If she is suicidal, If she does try, and I don‘t do something...> Nodaka thought as she entered the main room of her home and reached for the phone.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Cologne cleared her throat and glance around the table at the others. Ono Toufo was still seated to her left with a look of detached calm, which actually hid his bewilderment and patiently waited on Kasumi’s return, while Nabiki sat to her right, her eyes fixed unwavering on Cologne, watching for any signs of deceit or deception in her. Kasumi, ever the gracious hostess, had insisted on fixing afternoon tea before continuing. This was not due to any naiveté or innocence on her part, but to her judgment that they all needed a few minutes to calm their frazzled nerves after Nabiki’s and Cologne’s confrontation.

The CRASH! of a dropped tea cup resounded from the kitchen, revealing that Kasumi’s nerves were as effected as the rest of them “Oh my!...” was heard, quickly followed by “Would anyone like some cookies with their tea?” Assured by the rest that tea only was fine, she returned to the table and sat down next to her imouto but not before serving the tea. Cologne could feel the three sets of eyes watching her and waiting for her to enlighten them on Shampoo’s recent activities.

<I could still just tell them... NO! If I am going to live with myself, and redeem even a little of my honor and Shampoo’s, It is time to tell all.> Cologne realized.

“Last night I received a request for aid from an ally in the Juuban ward. Once I located her, I found it was a fabrication to get me out of the Neko-Hanten! I rushed back, only to fine my most secret drugs and lore books missing! They’re collectivly called the Forbidden Knowledge” Colognes voice took on an ominous tone when she said the last. “They are only to be used to in times of great crisis and then only to help the village or its allies, never for personnel gain! If the other elders were to find out...” Colognes trailed off as her voice momentarily failed and a single tear ran down her face.

“ I guess I should start from the beginning’ Cologne finally started talking again. She shifted her weight forward in her seat, and lead on her staff for support, both physical and psychological. “Shampoo, since the moment I named her my heir, I molded her towards one goal, to be the youngest, greatest elder, ever. It all started when son-in.... Ranma first entered our village” Cologne momentarily stopped to take a sip of tea, and noticed Nabiki’s face cloud up in anger when she almost said ‘son-in-law’.

“Ranma-chan, when she beat Shampoo, it put her whole ‘perfect’ future in jeopardy. It wasn’t that Shampoo lost, but that it was to an outsider, and that was a slight to her honor and status. It put her goal, MY goal, in doubt and made Ranma an obstacle to her power bid.” Cologne continued. “OBSTACLES ARE FOR KILLING, I used to tell her as a child, meaning to stop at nothing to fulfill our goal, I never thought she would take it to heart so literally. When Shampoo gave Ranma the kiss-of-death, it was a shock to the entire village! She wasn’t doing it because of amazon law, that law hadn’t been used in over a hundred years, she was doing it only because she loss face!” Cologne again stopped for a moment to collect her thoughts before continuing.

“Then when she was defeated by the male Ranma, she could tell he was a great warrior and wanted him. Maybe it was lust, or even a little ’love at first sight’, but mostly it was that he made a prefect amazon ‘trophy husband’ and nothing more. It was not until Ranma transformed and declared herself to be the female Ranma-chan as well that Shampoo had to stop, because Ranma had a JUSENKYO spring curse! You see, our village has sworn a blood oath to protect and help any springs’ victims. Our oath even prevents us from harming a victim, unless they harm or endanger the village FIRST, and some of our laws and traditions like the Kiss-Of-Death, don‘t apply to them. We are also honor bound to help them adapt to their new life if they need or request it. Ranma’s curse made him immune to the Kiss-Of -Death or Marriage, and since his life was in Nermia, and he didn’t want Shampoo in it, her only choice was to return empty handed.” Cologne informed them.

Nabiki chose this moment to speak up as she look at Cologne with disdained. “If Ranma was off limits to Shampoo, and that none of your laws could be used to force him to marry her, how could she come back and defy your so called ‘blood oath’! she demanded of Cologne, who just glaring back at her. “Wouldn’t that cause her to lose more ‘FACE’? Nabiki finished as she almost spat out the last word. “And what about Mousse, I wouldn’t call your treatment him as ‘protecting’ or ‘aiding’! Wouldn’t you be honor bound to help Mousse marry Shampoo if he asked?

“Being cursed doesn’t mean a free ride or carte blanche to defile all our laws or traditions, just some.” Cologne shot back “It doesn’t stop us from imprisoning them for crimes against the village or banishment, but once a cursed person leaves the village, no other pursuit or punishment is allowed as long they don‘t further endanger us.” Cologne informed them.

“Please excuse me, I would I like to ask something too.” Kasumi asked, interrupting the two. Both Cologne and Nabiki broke from glowering at each other and turn to look at her. Kasumi might seem shy, mild, or meek at times but when she spoke, people DID listen. Kasumi could feel the three pairs of eyes now watching HER, and blushed. “Its really not my place to say...” She started to answer, as a sudden bout of shyness almost stops her. “But if its true about the amazon’s treatment of Jusenkyo victims, if Shampoo received a curse, and then wanted Ranma to help her adapt, wouldn’t the village be honor bound to help her court Ranma if she requested it, unless she endangered the village?” she simply asked.

<Only Kasumi would call the hell Shampoo was putting Ranma through as courting!> Nabiki thought <Not that he doesn’t deserve it!> before asking another question, this time to Kasumi. “Why would you think Shampoo getting cursed would make any difference?” Nabiki asked her.

“DAMM!” Cologne exclaimed in amazement, interrupting any answer Kasumi might of had. <Kami, she looks so sweet and angelic its easy to think she doesn’t have an ounce of brains... until she spots the one thing no one else ever did.> She thought, as she shook her head. <I always thought that Shampoo was just clumsy that day at Jusenkyo!> Cologne realized before continuing. “Your right, Kasumi! It was the prefect loophole! If the help required by two cursed victims run counter to each other, of course we would support the needs of an amazon FIRST! Shampoo told the council she needed a strong husband who understood being cursed, for her to adapt and they determined that Shampoo‘s need outweighed Ranma‘s immunity. She even fooled me...” Cologne realized. <She been scheming to flaunt amazon law longer then even I realized. To be willing to curse herself to fulfill her goals, her warped pride, selfishness and arrogance could have destroyed the village!>.”

“By our own oath we had to help her, so it was decided that I would accompany and aide her, as long she didn’t endanger the village” Cologne paused for a moment to collect her thoughts before continuing “I allowed Mousse to stay with us because it was his desire not to be separated from Shampoo, But I was damn if I was going to like it, so I made his life miserable, without actually hurting him. So for the last 18 months I have been the council’s watchdog over Shampoo and Mousse, insuring they didn’t permanently harm Ranma or the rest of you, although I admit that my idea of what was ‘harmful’ was lax and biased.”

“So nice of you to admit that NOW!” Nabiki said sarcastically “So Shampoo stole your potions, Its not the first time either of you tried to used them on Ranma or Akane!

“These DRUGS made the simple potions Shampoo used before look like herbal tea! Shampoo’s actions were starting to be noticed by others and were becoming a danger to the village. There have been at least 3 attempts seize water samples from the springs and raids on the village itself could be next.” Cologne informed them. “Last week the council meet, and issued Shampoo a ultimatum, giving her three choices; to return to the village with or without Ranma, to stop all use of amazon lore or any other actions that may further endanger the village, or be banished for 20 years and have a Decree of Silence placed on her. But I can tell you this, If it wasn‘t for her curse, she would be hauled back to the village long ago.”

“A Decree of Silence? Is that similar to the pledge I made to you before you agreed to teach me? Ono Toufu spoke up for the first time. “ I had to promise never to reveal the source of my training to anyone else, and only train others who would use the skills wisely.” He quickly explained to the sisters.

“No, This is a blood oath, and a warning against talking about or using ANY amazon lore, except to another amazon in private. To refuse or defy it means death, even to a Jusenkyo victim” Cologne explained “Not only was there the threat of ‘Silence’ but the elders disapproved of our methods to win Ranma and informed Shampoo she could only bring Ranma back with her AS LONG AS RANMA DECIDED VOLUNTARILY TO RETURN WITH HER.” Cologne emphasizing the last part in a loud commanding voice. “Due to her curse and the oath, we couldn’t force Shampoo to return, and the council declared Ranma couldn‘t be forced either. Shampoo was given until today to make her choice.” Cologne looked around the table as her words sunk in. “Once I returned and found her, the books, and the drugs missing, I searched but could locate any of them, My next thought after that to warn Ranma and try to intercept Shampoo. I was to late!” After finishing, Cologne slumped back in her chair as guilty and remorse threaten to over take her.

“What was the drug Shampoo took?” Ono asked Cologne as he leaned forward and retrieved one of the bottles (the jade green one) and started to examine it.

Cologne snapped out of her funk and glanced widely around the table, locating the other bottle. She picked up the white Soapstone bottle and popped the stopper out and carefully sniffed then tasted the remaining contents. “Yugh! yak!” as Cologne spat out the vile substance. “Just like I thought, Bastards Seed and Passion, plus a touch of Martyr’s Soul.” Cologne determined.

Nabiki gave Cologne a look that had her thoughts plainly written all over her face. <I think the old bat has has lost her sanity! Bastards Seed? Passion?> she thought. “What type of mumbo jumbo is that! I thought you said these are DRUGS!” she demand of Cologne.

‘Oh they are! the strongest! This actual blend is called Lovers Bane. Its effect is that it the users would be compelled to have sex with each other and results in a pregnancy almost every time, only during menstruation would it fail. Shampoo must have realized it was the perfect way to compel Ranma to marry her! His honor and the remorse that would fill him, would demand that he support and raise his child.” Cologne replied.

Kasumi eyed the bottle as if it was a poisonous snake and even slide farther away from it. <Take it away! Its.... its evil!> She mentally scream. “You would use THAT as a weapon?” she asked trying VERY hard to keep her fear out of her voice as her mind refuse to accept its existence.

Cologne slowly nodded her head yes “The ability to cause a pregnancy, an unwanted bastard in an enemies family or to disrupt a blood tie between their allies is a powerful weapon.” Cologne acknowledge as the three woman sat in a sad silence, thinking of its implications for Ranma and Shampoo.

Kasumi felt the panic in her rising, as she realized Ranma wasn’t responsible for his actions, that it was the work of that evil drug! “Oh My Kami! What of Ranma-chan! She’s out there, somewhere, with THAT in her!” Kasumi cried out in horror, as she suddenly comprehended the full scope of the situation and her eyes finally broke away from the bottle to stare out the window. “We have to find her!”

“Where would you suggest we look, Kasumi? Ranma could be anywhere!” Nabiki asked in a sarcastic tone that did nothing to help the situation. “She MAY be drugged, but that’s not a white wash for all her actions!” Nabiki continue. <At least not with ME!>

It was Cologne, of all people, who placed a comforting arm aground the distraught Kasumi and tried to calm her, as Ono hovered nearby, not quite getting up the nerve to touch her once again. “She’s in little danger of anything happening to her” Cologne quietly told her in a soothing voice “After an hour or so, this drug makes the victims extremely sleepy. I’m surprised Ranma-chan stayed awake long enough to run away.” Cologne said to ease Kasumi’s fears, “but where ever she is, she’s sleeping NOW, and won’t wake until it wears off, other wise her virtue may be endangered.”

Ono felt like a coward as he watched the distress in his beloved and yet could not force himself to touch her again. < I can FEEL Kasumi, her emotions... her thoughts about THAT drug!> Ono realized, <but we‘re not even touching this time... this isn’t natural, I’m not psychic!> he knew. < But... If I was, why don’t I sense the others as well? I’m just as close to Cologne as Kasumi right now and I don’t sense her emotions. It must be the Healing, our auras are now the same, that must be it....> Ono was afraid, scared of what this meant. <3 hours ago this would have been my fondest wish, but now I feel like I’m losing my identity, her emotions are mixing with mine and my innermost thoughts are open to her.> Ono realized that it wasn’t Kasumi that he was afraid of, but the intimacy of their ’bond’. He knew that the only way he would voluntarily reach out and ‘touch’ Kasumi, would be if he fully accepted it. Ono came to an decision, and the only surprising thing about it was that it actually took him almost a whole second to decide. He slowly removed Colognes arm and cuddled Kasumi to his chest, while trying to broadcast his feeling of love and reassurance to her. Kasumi for her part, quickly buried her head onto Ono’s chest and could read his emotions and took strength from them and accepted their new bond as well.

After a moment, Kasumi sudden broke their embrace, as she tightly clasped her hands together in front of herand blush a bright pink. She glanced across to her sister who was intensely watching the interaction like a cat watching a canary. She quickly looked away, not wanting to answer the question of ’What the hell is going on?’ written all over Nabiki’s face. She stole a look back at Cologne, who gave her a sad knowing smile and reached out to hold her hands, while also watching the interaction between her and Ono. Kasumi felt like she was under a microscope and was now blushing so deeply even her hands turned red.

It was Ono who came to both of their rescue and broke the silent inquisitive mood “Well, its a good thing Shampoo is also still a virgin, otherwise Ranma might be a father!” he announced in a load voice to distract the two inquisitive meddlers away from their examination of Him and Kasumi, as he dapped a drop of the potion from the jade bottle on to his finger and made a big show of closely examining its color and viscosity.

The Nabiki and Cologne turn to stare at the Doctor as if he now had a loose screw, and he now found out what it felt like to be under a microscope.

“After what we saw this morning, Shampoo is most definitely not a virgin! Just ask Kasumi” Nabiki snapped back at Ono in ire. “The blood from her ruptured hymen was all over them! ” she continued after a moment as she waited for Kasumi to confirm her statement.

“Ranma maybe strong willed, but even he could give but token resistance to this drug!” Cologne sneered at Ono‘s ignorance. “His ‘body’ would complete any sexual advance, no matter what his ‘will’ wanted.”

Kasumi thought back in confusion to the morning events and also to her rapport with Shampoo during the healing and suddenly she knew Ono was right. “No, Ono’s correct, he... um I... WE could sense it while we healed Shampoo. I ‘saw’ her thoughts and emotions, she still is a virgin. I don’t know were the blood came from, but SHE knew that she had failed and was still pure.”

“I guess Me and Akane are lucky that the hentai bastard wasn’t any more successful with us than he was with Shampoo.” Nabiki couldn't resist saying as her face now turned red, not in embarrassment, but in anger at Ranma. “If the pervert had to be failure at something, I’m glad it was as a rapist!

“Although Ranma might have like to rape you, he wouldn’t actually have done it.’ Cologne assured Nabiki. “The drug has a component in it called Martyr’s Soul. It would have kicked in and filled him with an unbearable remorse if he tried to force himself on a unwilling or un-drugged partner.” <Or tried to renounce or abort the baby afterwards> Cologne silently added to herself, because she knew THIS drug would also plant a overwhelming revulsion against THAT. “Its another fail safe, like the sleeping agent in the ‘Passion’, making it a precision weapon and insuring its use doesn’t result in widespread rape.” Cologne further informed Nabiki <We have other... um, DRUGS... for that....> Cologne secretly knew.

“I don’t know anything about your stupid ‘fail safes’ but it wasn’t stopping that Baka rapist at all! Ranma attacked first ME, then AKANE! Even changing sex didn’t phase her, she still was molesting Akane, and I can assure you nether one of us was ‘WILLING’! I HAD TO PHYSICALLY DRAG THE BITCH OFF OF HER!” Nabiki shot back at Cologne in anger as she rose from her chair, placing both hands flat on the table and lean menacingly over the elder.

“And how do you think a scrawny under trained girl like you managed THAT?” Cologne answered Nabiki as she tried to keep her temper under control. Cologne leaned back to stare directly into Nabiki’s face, while waving her staff from side to side in front the girl, with an almost hypnotic snakelike effect, like a cobra. Nabiki’s eyes followed the ‘head’ of the staff and the anger in her seemed to melt away. Suddenly the staff jabbed forward and struck the girl squarely in the chest, knocking Nabiki back and she fell with a loud “OMPH!” back down into her chair. < Its going to be YEARS before you out maneuver Me again, fledgling!> Cologne thought with a twinkle in her eyes.

“All the strong amazon drugs have certain ‘fail safes‘ and ‘side effects’” Cologne continued. “This one is also a depressant, and it suppresses certain violent emotions like anger or rage, while boosting others like passion and lust, making the victim unlikely to fight back and more ‘compliant’ and ‘eager’ to any sexual advances. It has the further side effect of disrupting chi flow and coordination, making the victim even more ‘manageable’. Cologne explained.

Cologne could see that Nabiki was still showing what she believed to be an unreasonable anger at Ranma. “Nabiki, you must understand that under the influence of this ‘Potion’, Ranma was not responsible for his actions, even if he did realized what he was doing, which I doubt, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself.”

“YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!” Nabiki cried out in fury. “YOU’RE NOT THE ONE HE GLOMBED ON, YOU DIDN'T HAVE HIM REJECT YOU FOR ANOTHER!” She finished screaming out, then clasped her hands tightly over her mouth, her eyes going wide in surprise and her face blanching so white she looked like a ghost as she realized what she had just said. <OhMyKami!> she thought in a rush, as the suppressed memory of her soul rendering revelations from earlier resurfaced from her subconscious. <I... I GUESS Colonge is right... Ranma isn’t responsible, and my... um... ANGER is not AT Ranma but at my life...” Nabiki’s thoughts broke off as tears welled up in her eyes threaten to cascaded down her face and she managed to stutter out “I-I g-guess it w-w-wasn’t Ranma’s A-ATTACK... th-that I was sso m-m-made at....>

Suddenly the kitchen phone rang, interrupting Nabiki’s emotion charged revelation, and Kasumi quickly rose to her feet to answer it, but not before stopping to wipe the tears from Nabiki‘s face and give her sister a quick hug. Even though the contact was fleeting, Kasumi could instantly FEEL the entire emotional turmoil and deep loneliness inside Nabiki, and she managed to bring forth happier memories of Nabiki’s friends, both male and female, to ‘prove’ she wasn’t alone. Again the sound of the phone rang out and Kasumi broke off the embrace, thinking <If this is just another phone solicitor, I may just have to have um... words... with THEM!>

“Moshi Moshi” echoed out of the kitchen in a falsely cheerful voice as Kasumi tried not to advertise her family’s ‘troubles’ to others. “Nodaka? Have you seen Ranma! ...What’s that, a thief? ... It wasn’t Ranma? .... Oh, Ranko! She visited you... ...Why yes she was here... ...No... I’m not sure.... ...Crying! but she not the type... ....No I don’t think Ranma upset her... ...She took your WHAT! ...SUICIDAL! ....Yes we’ll look for right away! Bye!” Kasumi hung up the phone and hurried back to the main room.

“That was Nodaka! Ranma was at her house as Ranko! She not asleep, but AWAKE! Nodaka was very upset, It seems that Ranma stole a family heirloom, a tanto used for seppuku! Nodaka’s afraid that Ranma might be suicidal!” A worried Kasumi related the other half of the phone call to them. <Oh my... OH MY!> Kasumi thought as she remembered Ranma-chan’s last words to her as she fled the Tendo home < *I KNOW WHAT NEEDS TA BE DONE, AND I’LL DO THE RIGHT THING!* >

Ono felt a stab of pain as he heard the fearful tone and saw dread in Kasumi’s voice. <My poor angel!> He thought. “We at least have a starting point! I can call a cab! No, I can RENT a car! I can...” He broke off as he realized he was babbling and he tried to regain his composure. He reached up and rubbed his hand across her face as he tried to think just what the best course of action would be. Some of the amazon potion was still coating his finger and he accidentally tasted it. “Yegh Achhk Ughh!” Ono suddenly vocalized loudly, as his face contorted like he had bitten into a sour lime at the taste and spat it out.

“I assume it must be a little on the bitter side” Nabiki commented Ono antics, as she regained her emotional center and visually composed herself before turning to address her sister. “Look Kasumi, Ranma may be a lot of things, but suicidal isn’t one of them!” she tried to reassure her sister as her anger AT Ranma finally died.

“BITTER?” Ono exclaimed back to Nabiki as he wiped a napkin across his lips to remove any remanding residue. “It’s SWEET, like it has pure honey in it, only ten times stronger! Ono stated with some emphasis as he now continued using the napkin to clean his hand off.

Colonge jumped to her feet as if something had bite her, and her staff clattered forgotten to the ground. She seized the bottle from in front of Ono and sniffed the contents. <NO! SHE WOULDN'T! Its has to be the same potion! the only SWEET drug.... even she wouldn’t be that reckless!> Cologne sampled the potion from the green jade bottle herself, and although she could taste the ‘Lover’s Bane’ in it, there was a fourth added ingredient. Her eyes bulged wide in shock, and there was a load CLUNK! as the bottle fell from her listless hand to the floor below.

“WE MUST FIND RANMA-CHAN RIGHT NOW!” Cologne yelled as it was now HER turn to blanch white as a sheet and she started to rush for the door...

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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