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  Here is part b of  Chapter 6 Poison honor,I had to split it into 2 parts to send it. For previous chapters see my webpage at  

Poisoned Honor


 Part B 

Nodaka tried to run after the fleeing form of Ranma-chan as she fled down the street. At

Nodaka had finished the phone call to Tendo home and felt only slightly relieved at its out come. While she had informed Ranko’s family of her strange visit, something about the call didn’t ring true. < When Kasumi answered the phone, I could tell there was something wrong, she was... apprehensive or worried.> Nodaka noticed. <When I called, the first thing Kasumi asked ME was if I seen Ranma!> she realized. <Kasumi, she knows I haven’t seen Ranma in almost 12 years, that I.... I failed him, somehow. Why else is he gone every time I visit?> Nodaka mentally asked herself <I thought I saw him once.... when that jet of water swept me up into the air, right before I passed out, I thought it was Ranma.... he looked so brave, so strong!>

The loneliness and despondency that had been an ongoing foe for the last 12 years welled up and attempted to fill Nodaka with despair, sapping away her energy, and she all but collapsed into a nearby sofa, burying her face in her hands in grief. <I have failed him! All I every wanted was a strong son...> she thought as tears ran down her face and wetted her hands. <I can tell, there’s something wrong! When I told Kasumi about Ranko visit... Kasumi almost seemed like she expected IT... I hope I was wrong! I feel a connection to Ranko somehow, I... hope she not suicidal.> as her thoughts return to Ranko’s ’visit’. < I should do something! I need to do more! If she kills herself, I’ll be partly responsible, I could of, SHOULD OF, stopped her. I wish I knew... she looks so like me...>

Nodaka forced herself to raise her head up and she looked once more at the photo across the room, if only to verify the likeness. <She could be the daughter I always wanted... I wanted...> Nodaka thought. <Ranko, she’s really an orphan.> Nodaka remembered as she recalled the tragic story that Kasumi had secretly told her. That of Ranko’s parents dying in an acident while she was still an infant. <No wonder she so sad and confused, a girl that age NEEDS her mother...> Nodaka realize. <I know Kasumi would try her best, but she’s already “mother” to her sisters.> She rationalized to herself. < if Ranko really is a cousin or maybe even a... a STEP sister of mine... Maybe I can be her ‘mother’>This brought fresh tears to her eyes. Nodaka knew that the greatest disappointment in her life was her infertility, that she loved children and had wanted a large family. For years she blamed Genma, that he wasn’t man enough to give her more children.

She found fault in everything he did, he was dishonest, he was weak, he had no morals, no integrity.... She had transferred her own frustrations to him, that HE wasn’t MANLY enough to give her more kids. Then that final fight, after the doctor told them SHE was infertile. <Genma said it was useless to wait any longer, that there will be no more children, and that I was the failure, not HIM! He took out six years of aggravation on me, and informed me that he was leaving and taking Ranma with him! I couldn’t stop him... but at least I got his promise to raise Ranma to be a man among men, unlike his father...> Nodaka bitterly thought as she felt depression and loneliness that had been her constant enemies since that day threaten to rise up and overwhelm her again.

<I need to get up! I need to do something!> Nodaka mentally ordered and forced herself up off the sofa. After years of empty existence, she had finally taken control of her life. In the first few years Ranma was gone, she let herself go to hell, the only thing she had to live for was her belief in Ranma’s eventual return and the occasional letter from him and Genma. Her friends finally convinced her to seek help, to see a psychiatrist. It took over two years of therapy for her to overcome her depression and start putting her life together again. She resumed her martial arts training again, along with running and aerobics, and regained her lost form and figure, and she tried to fill her days with activities. First as a solution to her loneliness, but then because of her re-found love of children, she had become the neighborhood resident babysitter and surrogate mother, watching the local children in her own home.

She look over at the bookshelf in the corner, filled with story books, toys, mangas, and tankouban volumes, all ‘donated’ by her various ‘regulars’ over the years. <Whenever I start to feel depressed I just has to remember what I have NOW.> She told herself. Noticing several books scattered on the floor she started to straighten up the corner <That Rei-chan, she never puts them away!> Nodaka smiled to herself, thinking of the young girl whom she last sat for. She picked up one of the tankouban volumes and glanced at the cover. <OH! She reading THAT one> Nodaka thought. She did have a secret vice and that was for the various shoujo and shounen mangas and tankouban she kept ‘just for the children’, and the one she held was one of her favorites. <The premise of some of these are so crazy, I wonder how anyone ever dreams them up!>

She flipped through the pages of the book, smiling at the humorous illustrations <This one always makes me laugh, with all the troubles Futaba-kun gets him or HER-self into! I can just imagine his dilemma at keeping his dual genders hidden for everyone! All the times he almost gets caught, when he changes sex in class, or wears the wrong underwear...> she thought as she found herself looking at an absurd panel showing a very pretty and sexy young female Futaba-chan with her skirt bellowed up around her waist, to show she was wearing her male body’s boxer shorts.

<Now what does this remind me of?> Nodaka thought. < Of course! Ranko in HER shorts! she could fit right in! she’s even cuter and sexier than Futaba-chan!> Nodaka closed the book, her mood serious again as she thought of the troubled girl that had her so worried. <WHAT the h...!> Nodaka mentally exclaimed as a truly absurd thought entered her mind <Ranko and Futaba? Ranko and... ...RANMA?

* * * * * * * * * *

Ranma was tried, sore, and bewildered, as she fled from her mother, or more precisely, the vision of her mother NUDE. <I can’t believe it... My own mom, I can’t live like this... I can’t be like this...> and was trying to retrace her route back to Nermia. She finally reached the Tokyo #5 expressway and in the shade of a dry culvert, she rested her body for the first time in hours, but could not rest her mind.

Ranma thought back in remorse to the night before, when he asked Akane to accompany him to a movie, on what was really an impromptu date to formally propose to her. When she tried to decline, he just said ‘Oh, that’s ok. I’ll just ask Shampoo if she...’ and got about that far before Akane suddenly remembered she WAS free to go. <I had it all plan out... My best clothes, flowers, I even let her pick the movie...> she recalled <Akane picked a sappy ‘date’ movie just like I hoped! The perfect mood setter, I even p-p-put my arm around her> Ranma-chan thought with a shutter as her current passions for her fiancee again rose up at this memory. <NO! Its wrong, I can’t...!> she told herself, before continuing. <I remember how she looked in her light blue blouse and matchin’ skirt, she even placed some of the flowers in her hair. After the movie we stopped at the bridge, OUR bridge, and watched the moonlight shimmer off the water. She looked so beautiful in the moonlight... She turn ta me and asked if their was a special reason why I asked her out, and I... choked. I was so dumbstruck with her beauty, I couldn’t say it, just 4 simple words, ‘WILL... YOU... MARRY... ME’, or even show her the ring Nabiki helped me obtain. Then, after an awkward pause, while I just stond there and STARED at her, she asked me what I thought of the movie. I just HAD ta say it! I couldn‘t help it... ‘I guess it was ok for a CHICK FLICK...’ > Ranma bitterly recalled her answer. <The next thing I remember is her yelling at me for being an uncaring, insensitive jerk, and then storming off before I could even start to apologize. By the time she cooled off, we were back at dojo and then it was too late ta a-ask her... to late f-f-forever... > Ranma told her self as she fought back her tears.

<AKANE! I love you! I want YOU! I... UGH! DAMM!> Ranma cursed herself as her mind returned to her fiancee. <WHY DO YOU PLAGUE ME SO, YOU VILE THOUGHTS.... Damm it! Now I’m soundin’ like KUNO!> she told her inner voice. Ranma mind was actually clearing slightly as the harsh potion in her system was finally, but slowly, starting to wear off. The extreme waves of lust and passion were diminishing but the desire to seek out Akane was still strong. <I could just go and talk ta her, finish sayin’ what I couldn’t last night, tell’er... No, its best this way. S-S-She’ll never see me but as her rapist. I let her down> Ranma realized as her thoughts became more coherent. <Let her down! I BETRAYED HER! Shampoo... then Nabiki, THEN YOU!> Ranma condemned herself. “OH PLEASE FORGIVE ME AKANE” She yelled at the top of her lungs, echoing her cries made hours before.


<She can’t forgive me, no one can. What I did can’t be forgiven, I failed. Failed her, failed mom, failed ME. I deserve ta die> Ranma thought as she felt the bulged of the tanto tucked in her sash. < I should do it now, right here... before I fail again...> Ranma painful knelt on the hard corrugated metal of the culvert and pulled out the knife, she raised her eyes and took one last look at the world she was leaving and saw a beautiful... bag of garbage and an old flat tire. Some were in some corner of Ranma’s mind a small voice spoke out <I don’t want ta die HERE with the trash.... (but I am trash...) No, the bridge, our bridge, were I first realized how cute she was, where I wanted ta propose ta her...> and she placed the knife back and rose to her feet.

Ranma followed the roadway north and located the very same canal underpass that she used earlier. The sun was low in the sky and shining through the tunnel like underpass, casting long impenetrable black shadows from the numerous support beams. Walking along the canal bank under the massive expressway, heading west back into Nermia, Ranma-chan was half blinded by the intense glare from the sunlight shining in from the far end and suddenly realized how alone she was. <This is not a good place> her mind yelled at her as something set of her battle instincts.

She almost turned around and fled back the other way, but some sense of movement in the shadows behind her stopped her. She walked on, not daring to run and tried to keep clear of the shadows. <I don’t wanta fight, I just wanta get though here> Ranko thought. The hair on the back of her neck suddenly stiffened and she could feel unseen eyes on her, undressing her and she crossed arms protectively over her bosom. <Someone’s watchin’ me! It feels like I’m naked, they’re stalkin’ me, they WANT me...>and to her horror a part of her mind wanted to oblige them.

The silhouette of a large MALE body stepped clear of the shadows in front of her, and only his outline was visible “Hey Sugar, lookin’ for some FUN?” A voice called out to her.

<I can’t get out of here without a fight! They think I’ma weak girl...> Ranma-chan realized, and a slight smile graced her lips as she thought of the beating she would inflict. She sidestep her opponent so the sun was no longer in her eyes, almost tripping over her own feet, and got her first good look at him. He was both taller and at least 15 kilos heavier then her male form, and was clad in a parody of a black school jacket festoon with a skull and crossbones emblem. His face was wide with a jutting chin, and a wide 8 cm. long scar graced his temple above the right eye. His hair was dyed white making him look like an old man, although Ranma could tell he was only a couple years older than herself. He smiled at her and she could smell the sake on his breath. <A Yanki!> she thought.

“Oh, baby wants ta play a little first.” He grinned at her and closed the distance, reaching out to grab her.

Ranma didn’t wait for him to touch her but tried to strike out with a combo chop and kick at the man’s exposed side. Nether blow landed as he twisted away and landed a counterblow to her own side. Ranma gasp in pain as the blow staggered her and she tried to call on her special attack. “Kachü Tenshin Amaguriken” she yelled as she threw herself at him. The moved shocked the Yanki, and he dodge out of her path as her wildly flailing fist failed to hit anything. she tried to stop, but her opponent added a shove to her back and she stumbled head first into a pillar. A panting Ranma laid against the pillar and spun around to face the approaching yanki

“Hey Sugar, I gotcha NUTS right here! Lets put’em with yer CHEST and make our own FIRE!” he taunted her while vulgarly gripping his groin.

<W-W-Whats wrong with ME! I can’t concentrate, my coordination gone> Ranma raised her hands and tried to throw a chi attack, she felt a momentary warmth in hands but nothing more <No! This can’t happen!> and again she tried to gather her chi as she flung her hands out in a throwing motion.

“Whoa ha ha!” The man laughed at her. “Whatcha think ya are, a magic girl or sumthin! Oh I’m so scared now, she gonna throw a lightin’ bolt at me!” He mocked her.

Ranma-chan tried to focus her mind and watched the over confidant man approach her again. As he reached out she somehow managed to knock his hand away and tried to land a uppercut to his jaw. As his head rocked back and out of the way, she did landed a blow to his ribs and felt something snap. <I still have MY strength, but I can’t ‘focus’ enough ta fight good or used my chi, I just wanna lay down a curl up ina ball.> she realized as she staggered to another pillar for support <I can‘t fight like this> she though and something in her actually wanted the Yanki to ‘win’.

“WHY YOU BITCH!” Her opponent cried out at her, as he gripped his rib cage “Hey Kosuke, Hitoshi, I need a some help ova here! he gasped out in pain as he staggered in her direction.

“What’s wrong Genji, is she too much woman for ya” a voice called out from behind a pillar, and a second Yanki, even larger than the first stepped out from the shadows.

<Great, there is three of them!> she thought but somehow couldn’t decide if this was good or bad. While she looked around for the third Yanki, Ranma accessed her chances of escape and found them approaching zero and knew that she had one special move that she still might be able to do, even now. “Saotome Ryü Ögi” she yelled out and ran for the sunlit end as fast as she could.

She could hear the new Yanki pursuing behind her and knew there was no way he could match her speed. just 30 meters to go and she’ll be safe! 25 meters... 20 meters...

Suddenly the third Yanki, the one she hadn’t seen yet, was in front of her, blocking the path. She tried to dodge around him only to be given a blow to her head from a empty sake bottle he held and she fell like a ton of bricks and laid dazed on the ground.

Within seconds the first of them was on top of her and she could feel him grasp the collar of her haori, pulling it down, and her listless arms bent back as the coat was all but ripped from her body. He next reached up under her kimono and grabbed her underwear, yanking them down around her ankles

“Looks like a kinky one here! She likes men's underwear, I wonder what else she likes!” her assailant exclaimed as he roll her over and loosen the sash around her waist, while savagely groping at her chest.

“Ya gotta see these tits! she’s a dammed ‘d’ cup if I ever saw one!’ he yelled as he climbed on top of her.

<This ain’t happenin’! I’ma guy...> Ranma-chan tried to cry out, to fight back, but she couldn’t move or resist. she laid there still dazed from the blow, and part of her thought she was getting her just punishment. She could feel his hands touching her, rubbing her, caressing her in ways that Ranma couldn’t ignore. Suddenly her body began to respond, and a sight moan escaped her lips.

< This ain’t... I mustn’t...> one part of her mind still continued, as another part thought <My poor Akane! I KNOW how you felt! I‘ll feel dirty, I‘ll never be clean again. Oh Kami, I wish this was just a nightmare> but her torment was only beginning. Ranma-chan tried to deaden herself to the feelings in her body, to resist, but the drugs in her body were still too strong, and the feelings of passion and desire welled up in her. She tried, but couldn’t stop her body from taking a more ‘active’ role in her rape. The true horror of it was that her MIND was mostly unaffected, and knew exactly what was happening to the rest of her body. As she found her legs spreading on their own and her back arching, but she couldn’t look her rapist in the face, and she found herself, of all things, staring up at the ceiling above her and counting the number of steel beams holding it up the roadway, anything to ignore what was about to happen to her.


Author’s Note: a tankouban is a bound volume of a single manga title, on good quality paper, meant to be saved, where as the weekly or monthly manga’s have multiple titles in each release and are on cheap newsprint and normally thrown away after reading.

Futaba-kun CHANGE is a manga that is surprising similar to Ranma 1/2, except the hero’s (heroine?) sex changes are due to a family genetic disorder, and is triggered not by water, but by stress levels, especially sexual stress.

Finally, a Yanki is the equivalent of an American gang member, although they are usually not as violent.

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