Subject: [FFML2] The Three Saotomes[Part 23][Revised]
From: Ryoga P Hibiki
Date: 2/21/2001, 4:49 PM


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I had to correct something. I called Genryu 'Ranma' again. It should be
fixed here.
  The Three Saotomes

    Part 23

    The Tournament: Round 2


    "Hey, I know that girl," said Nabiki as she raised her camcorder
and smiled for a moment.

    "Pardon?" said Nodoka as she looked down for a moment towards the

    "She beat Akane in a tournament a while back. It was just before
your family showed up, Rhythmic Gymnastics Martial Arts, or something
like that," said Nabiki with a slight chuckle.

    "I see...this is a sport?" Nodoka looked somewhat skeptical.

    "Yup, there's talk of having it in the Olympics next year,"
replied Nabiki with a small shrug as she continued to film. "Akane's
gonna cream her though. Especially since Ranma's been helping her."

    "Did she not lose before?" commented Nodoka.

    "Well, yeah. There are lots of weird rules in Rhythmic Gymnastics
Martial Arts though, Akane's not real good at stuff like that anyway,
so she had a big handicap." Nodoka's eyebrow arched as the girl's grin
widened suddenly. "This time, it's Kodachi with the handicap."

    Nearby, a small group of girls began to cheer for Akane, most of
them in bandages of some kind.

    Nodoka paused and looked over to them for a moment. "So, Akane and
my son get along well?"

    "Ha! She's the only one in the house, who hates him more than I
do," replied Nabiki without taking her camcorder away from the battle.

    "But he is training her, is he not?"

    "Yup, and she doesn't want anything to do with it. Dad asked Ranma
to do it, so he's going to, whether she wants him too or not," said
Nabiki coolly. "He seems to enjoy it though."

    Nodoka narrowed her eyes slightly and frowned. "I see."


    Kodachi jumped back as the round began and twirled her ribbon in
front of her with an evil looking smirk. "I demand that you face me
fairly, using the rules of Rhythmic Gymnastics Martial Arts."

    Akane snarled in reply. "Sorry, no thanks." She slowly began to
stalk forward cracking her knuckles.

    "Oh? Are you a coward then?" said Kodachi with a girlish chuckle.

    "Naw, I just don't like you. This is my house bitch, and I'm not
changing the rules just cause you decided to come over and play!"
snapped Akane as she rushed forward and put her hand through an
opening in the ribbon, catching Kodachi dead in the face.

    The girl was sent flying, and landed on the edge of the ring. She
wiped the side of her face in shock as she looked at the ground for a
moment. A small spot of blood appeared there, followed by another as
it trickled from between her lips. Kodachi turned her gaze towards
Akane, who was standing calmly in the center of the ring with her arms
crossed. Kodachi narrowed her eyes down to mere slits and scowled.
"This is a battle of honor, I demand that you conform to my..."

    "You don't have the right to make demands like that," replied
Akane as she got into a ready position again, the cold smile still on
her lips. "Besides, I'm not stupid enough to give up my advantage just
because you're a blowhard."

    Kodachi was almost shaking with rage. "You should learn to listen
to your betters foul girl."

    Akane smirked again, "That's just it, ya see, you ain't better
than me."

    "You dare!" screamed Kodachi as she jumped forward, slashing the
ribbon out like a whip.

    Akane's arm moved with incredible speed, within a half second she
had the front portion of the weapon wrapped around her forearm. She
gave a hard tug and Kodachi jerked forward in mid air. The gymnast's
eyes went wide as she saw Akane put up her elbow. She slammed into it
gut first and let out all the air in her lungs in a single breath, she
coughed and slumped over onto Akane, coughing gently as she attempted
to regain her breath.

    "You humiliated me, and hundreds of other girls, you cheating
bitch. Now I'm going to show you what pain and humiliation really feel
like," whispered Akane as the girl hung over her shoulder. Kodachi
made a groaning sound, as she seemed to understand, but was unable to
speak. Akane put her on her feet and smiled as she kissed the girl on
her cheek gently. "Don't go to sleep yet, the fun is just starting."

    A small cry of, "Ayah! No fair!" could be heard from an unknown


    Ranma was sitting on the sidelines, simply staring at the scene in
shock. "I think she's overdoing it a bit..."

    Kuno was halfway to his feet with a similar expression on his
face. "S-sister!"

    "Well, what the hell did you expect? She hasn't had a real fight
since you started training her. This is her first chance to blow off
all that steam. You've been pissing her off daily for months," said
Genryu calmly.

    Ranma blinked and looked at him for a moment. "Oh."


    Akane pounded Kodachi relentlessly; the Kuno girl tried
desperately to counter with everything she had. She jumped back away
from the enraged martial artist and gasped for breath, the look of
shock still on her face despite the bruises. Her hair was wild, long
since fallen out of her ponytail; it hung around her face drenched in
sweat. She could see a blur out of one of her eyes, but the other was
still clear. Akane was simply standing, and smiling at her, covered
only in a light sweat from her effort. Even her hair was still intact.

    "This cannot be!" screamed Kodachi angrily. She jumped up and
pulled a ball from seemingly nowhere. "Die!"

    The sphere slammed into the ground as Kodachi spiked it exploding
on impact just in front of Akane. The Tendo girl was thrown back and
landed on the ground smoothly, rolling back onto her feet. "You'll pay
for that."

    "Die! Just die!" screamed Kodachi with a madness in her eyes as
she spun her hoop around on her wrist and flung it forward.

    Akane reached up and caught it, stopping it cold. A small trickle
of blood ran down the length of her forearm where she had been cut on
her hand from the hidden razor blades. She smiled for a moment. Idly,
she lowered the hoop and removed the ribbon from the base of her hair.
With a vicious snarl, she glared at Kodachi as she pulled her long
dark hair up behind her head for a moment, and then cut it off,
leaving a much shorter cut that hung just above her neck. She tossed
the hoop aside and looked over at Tofu for a moment, watching him she
took ribbon that had once tied her hair, and wrapped it around her
injured hand. Her face became a smirk once again as she turned back
towards Kodachi. "Come on then, you aren't finished yet are you?"


    Tofu simply stared in shock as the girl cut off her hair, she
seemed to be looking directly at him, with something in her eyes that
he couldn't quite make out. "What is she doing?" he muttered to

    "Saying goodbye," replied Xianghua coolly as she watched the scene
from behind him.

    Tofu turned back and looked at her in confusion. "Huh?"

    "It's something only a woman would understand, just forget about
it," said the Chinese woman as she nodded her head back towards the
fight. "You're missing it."

    Tofu frowned, and turned back towards the battle again.


    Akane smirked viciously as she watched Kodachi pull the clubs from
behind her back. "I shall destroy you with my final attack!" cried the
gymnast with a vicious snarl. She flicked the switches on the sides of
the club, revealing rows of spikes, this time she didn't even bother
to hide them.

    Akane snarled at this, and absently fingered a scar, hidden just
behind her hair, on the right side of her head. "Oh yeah, I owe you
for that too." She rushed forward, towards her opponent.

    "The blow of a thousand clubs!" screamed Kodachi as she met the
charge. There seemed to be hundreds of clubs in her hands.

    "Kiyahhhhh!" screamed Akane as she stopped just in front of the
blur and performed a spinning crescent kick. The kick went around the
blur of motion and caught Kodachi's chin. Instead of throwing the girl
aside, Akane grabbed the soft flesh with her foot, and lifted the girl
over her head with her leg, throwing her over and then down across the
ground flat on her back. With a satisfied smile she pulled her leg
down and stood calmly watching Kodachi lay there.

    The unfortunate Kuno simply stared up at the sky blankly, working
her mouth open and closed as she found it nearly impossible to
breathe. Her body was completely pale and she twitched every so often.
Finally, she sat upright and gasped, taking in a deep breath. With
that done, she fell on her back again, unconscious.

    Akane merely walked away from the scene with a hard frown. She
moved over beside Ranma and sat down calmly.

    "You over did it a bit," commented Ranma. "She almost died."

    "She didn't did she?" replied the girl coldly.

    "You're not in complete control Akane," replied Ranma with a

    "I've got enough," she said with a small glare at him.

    "Don't bite off more than you can chew," replied Ranma calmly.

    "I've wanted to do that to her for a long time. I knew exactly
what I was doing," snapped Akane as she turned away from him.

    "If you had lost complete control of that kick for even a moment,
she could have died," said Ranma firmly.

    "I didn't," replied Akane.

    "But you could have. There was any number of less dangerous ways
you could have gotten the same result. It was foolish Akane," insisted

    Akane opened her mouth to reply and simply worked it open and
closed for a moment. Finally, she turned away from him and snorted.
"'re right," she muttered quietly.

    A new figure stood beside them suddenly, he had his hands hidden
away in his long robes and smiled at them for a moment. "That was a
good fight, I'm definitely impressed." The boy handed Akane a small
pair of scissors and a hand mirror from the folds of his robe.

    "Is most impressive," agreed Shampoo from beside him. "Great
Grandmother say she make good Amazon."

    ""Hello," said Ranma with a small nod as he looked over at them.
The both had recovered from their own battles, and had chosen to stay
and watch the fights.

    "Nihao, we decide to come sit here, if is all right," said the
girl with a small bow.

    "Fine by me," said Ranma with a shrug. "Just pick a spot."

    "What about that old woman?" said Taro calmly as he looked over at
Cologne, who had not moved yet.

    "She say she rather sit by self," replied Shampoo with a small

    Taro frowned at them for a moment, but said nothing else. Ryoga
looked rather indifferent at the whole scene, not really caring.
Genryu's attitude was much the same. Ukyo seemed to cling a bit
tighter to her husband at the sight of the Amazon though.


    The crowd had quieted slightly after the last battle, Hakama stood
up and smiled at them, spreading his arms wide as he did so, causing
another cheer to rise from it.

    "And so the dramatic battle continues! Next up, Genryu Saotome,
and newcomer Ryu Kumon!"

Genryu frowned as he stood up and walked towards the ring. Ranma
grabbed his arm and turned him towards him. "Try not to tear up the
ring too badly, all right?"

    Ukyo looked at the boy for a moment. "What did you mean by that?"

    "Yes, pigtailed boy know Bakusai Tenketsu or something?" agreed

    "Naw, just watch and you'll catch on. This isn't the first fight
between these two idiots," said Ranma as he watched Kumon slowly
swagger his way from his own spot opposite them.

    "Is old enemies?" said Shampoo, as she seemed to understand.

    "Sort of, kinda rivals more than anything else, he'll tell ya if
you ask him later," replied Ranma with a shrug.


    In the center of the ring, the two fighters squared off.

    "I'm surprised you didn't call yourself Genryu Saotome."

    "I don't need to. I'll beat the secret of Umisenken from you this
time," replied Ryu. "The name means nothing, now that I know what
these arts are truly for."

    "Well, that ain't my fault," said Genryu with a shrug. "You've
seen it enough times, I figured you'd have gotten it by now."

    "You think that's enough?" snapped Ryu coldly.

    "I learned it after seeing it only once, come on now. You're just
lucky Ranma didn't let me make you seal that style away," said Genryu
as he cracked his knuckles absently.

    "It was given to my family. As he says, neither of you has the
right to seal it away from me," said Ryu coldly.

    "Whatever, let's just get started. That Hakama guy is takin too
long," snorted Genryu as he moved into an offensive stance.

    "Fine by me!" replied Ryu as he rushed towards the boy. "Don't

    "Heh," said Genryu as he started to fade away as he took up an
unusual closed stance. "I'm not dumb enough to fall for that way." By
the time his words were finished, Genryu was gone.

    "Damn!" snapped Ryu angrily.


    Hakama was still working the crowd as the battle began. He put his
arms down to his sides and glared at the battling pair for a moment in
frustration. "Not yet you idiots! This is a tournament, not a bar
fight!" Finally, he flung his hands into the air and gave up. He
slumped down in his chair and growled for a moment before settling in
to watch the fight.


    "Demon God Assault Bomb!" screamed Ryu as he threw three blades of
air into a spot where he had seen a hint of movement. It exploded in a
shower of concrete and dust, leaving a three-foot crater behind.

    Genryu appeared behind the boy and frowned. "Calm down Kumon, we
aren't the only ones who have to use this ring. Besides, there's a lot
of people around."

    Ryu smiled and spun on his feet charging Ranma before the boy
could react. "Poison snake deep hole blow!"

    Genryu replied by pushing himself off the boy's arm and over his
head, he seemed to vanish out of thin air a moment later. His landing
didn't even disturb the dust on the ground. Ryu simply slumped
forward, clutching at his back as two long tears appeared down his

    Ryu turned his head angrily, but only saw a fist slam into his
face. He staggered back, disoriented even more than before by the
blow. He seemed to stop staggering suddenly, standing upright with an
odd look on his face. He slowly turned and looked at Genryu, who
appeared to have been standing with his foot in the kick at the base
of the back of the boy's neck, waiting for him to get to it. Then, Ryu
slumped forward and landed face first on the ground.

    "That was surprisingly short," commented Akane as Ukyo finished
evening out her hair for her. It was very short, and almost a bowl cut

    "Hey, that's a good look for you," commented Ranma as he looked
back at her.

    Akane looked at him in shock for a moment. "What?"

    "They were holding back. Genryu and Ryu both, there's too many
people around for those two morons to go all out. I'm sure Kumon will
show up later for a real match with my little brother." He looked up
as Genryu approached them lazily. "I'm just glad this fool decided not
to show off like last time."

    Akane looked annoyed for a moment at his dodging of her question,
but just nodded anyway and let it slide.

    "Hey! Hit hard and fast remember?" snorted Genryu lazily.
"Besides, I almost lost because of that."

    "I know, that's what I was afraid of. Jeez, you'd think you were
trying to teach him how to do that stuff, the way you acted last
time," snorted Ranma lazily.

    "Why would I do that?" said Genryu with a slight blush on his

    "I dunno, so he'd make a better opponent maybe?" surmised Ranma
without looking as his brother sat down next to his wife.

    Ukyo looked at her husband's face for a moment and frowned at him.
"Oh, you have got to be kidding." Genryu just slumped down a bit more,
looking pretty uncomfortable. "Oh my god! He's right! You really are
an idiot!" cried Ukyo.

    Taro chuckled to himself and looked up at Hakama. "Well, me, the
kid with the bokuten, Ranma's wife, and the cross dresser's wife are
all who haven't gone yet. I wonder who's next?"

    Hakama stood as if in answer to the question as the crowd went
silent again. He had a stack of index cards in his hands with the
names of the contestants written on them.

    "Next up in our exciting battle! Pantsuto Taro and Ukyo Saotome!"

    Pantsuto went completely white, he slowly turned to stare at
Hakama for a moment as the boy looked down at the card in his hand in
confusion. Apparently unaware of why the crowd was laughing again.
"Damn it! Who keeps giving me these stupid joke cards?"

    Taro was shaking in anger, flashes of red filled his eyes. "How
dare he! I'll kill him!"

    "Not until I get my turn Taro," replied Ranma calmly as he turned
to level a glare his friend for a moment. "Behave yourself for now,
and I'll leave you some when I'm done with him."

    "Don't bother, scum like that isn't worth my time," replied Taro
viciously. "Come on girly, let's get this over with."

    "Taro," growled Genryu in a warning tone.

    "Don't worry, I'll take it easy on her," commented the boy as he
waved his hand back at him without bothering to look.

    "What a jerk!" fumed Ukyo, "Take it easy on me? Who does he think
he is?" snapped the girl as she pulled the huge spatula from her back
and followed him into the ring.


    After a moment, the pair was standing in the center of the ring.
Hakama merely raised his arm and thrust it down, signaling the start
of the battle. Ukyo took a few swings at him with the oversized
baker's peel, and Taro merely backed away before pouring a flask of
water over his head. Ukyo jumped back in shock, and Taro promptly
bopped her over the top of her head, sending her to the ground in a
pile. The minotaur calmly lifted her over its shoulder and walked back
to its place, setting her down beside her husband calmly.


    The crowd had not made a sound for some time yet. Most of them
simply stared at the scene in silent shock, along with Hakama.

    "What was?" stammered Nodoka dumbly.

    "My guess is that was Ranma's friend, Pantsuto Taro. He told us
about him a while back," replied Nabiki casually as she continued to
roll. The look on Hakama's face was especially rewarding.

    Said man was simply looking at the beast as it boiled water in a
small fire it had made just outside the ring. "I...I've found it," he
stammered in shock. "After all that time hunting across China! I've
found it..." His face slowly changed into a dark smile. "Well Mr.
Pantsuto, it seems I'll have to remember you. We'll meet again, heh."

    He then stood up again, to announce the next fight.

    "Quite a show, isn't it folks?" The stunned silence started to
break, a weak cheer rose from the crowd, as they were still uncertain
about what had just happened. Most of the Nerimites were relatively
back to normal though, weird things tended to happen there, but this
had to be one of the top ten. "Our next battle is a true test of
strength indeed! The regional high school kendo champion, Tatewaki
Kuno, versus, the beautiful and deadly Chinese Kung Fu master,


    Tatewaki Kuno stood opposite Xianghua with a frown on his face as
he glared at her. "I do not wish to harm you woman, leave now and I
shall stay my wrath."

    "Don't do me any favors," replied the woman as she spread her arms
and moved into a Kung fu starting stance.

    "Very well, I shall do my best not to smite you too harshly. Honor
must carry me through this battle," said the boy as he moved into a
closed stance with his hand resting on the hilt of his bokuten.

    "Fight!" cried Hakama as he signaled the start.

    Kuno rushed forward, pulling out the wooden blade as he charged

    Xianghua performed the splits, and slammed her fist into his

    Kuno's eyes went wide, but he remained standing, much to his

    "Don't think I'm weak just because I'm a woman," said Xianghua as
she stood up and smiled at him. He simply stood there, with the same
shocked and painful expression on his face. "You were an ally once, so
I guess I can't hurt you too badly," she commented as she chopped him
on the neck, sending him to the ground. She smiled and started to walk

    Kuno coughed and slowly stood up again. "Hold woman! The mighty
Blue Thunder cannot be defeated so easily."

    Xianghua frowned as she turned to face him again. "Get back on the
ground, you're in no condition to fight me."

    "Heh, such a cowardly attack. You are not as honorable as you once
seemed," replied Kuno with a small chuckle.

    "And Ranma is?" said the woman with her frown deepening slightly.

    "I shall deal with him soon enough," replied Kuno as he finally
shook of her first attack.

    "Come on then, show me if you're really good enough," said
Xianghua as she charged forward again.

    Kuno slashed at her with his bokuten, missing narrowly as she
jumped back slightly and then kicked him in the jaw, sending him
flying back on his rear.

    The boy stood up again and charged forward, this time with a
downward slash, followed by a quick strike with his wooden batto.

    Xianghua dodged both strikes by a hair's length and swept his feet
out from under him with her legs. She let out a small growl in the
back of her throat as he rose to his feet once again.

    "Such weak attacks can never defeat Tatewaki Kuno, the Blue
Thunder of Furinkan High!"

    "I guess I'll just have to hit you harder then!" she cried in
frustration as she punched him in the solar plexus and then uppercut
him in the jaw.

    She stood calmly with her back turned on him and let out a sigh as
he remained down. "Finally."

    "I am not defeated!" cried Kuno as he sat up slowly.

    Xianghua narrowed her eyes and frowned again, sending her foot
back into his face without even bothering to look.

    Kuno was sprawled out on his back, he looked up at the sky and
frowned. "I feel nothing, I am not yet beaten."

    Xianghua made a fist and growled as she slammed her foot down into
his prone form without looking at him again. This time it hit his
stomach and he jerked for a moment.

    "A mere tap," coughed Kuno, "No mere woman could defeat the might

    This time Xianghua whirled around to face him, gritting her teeth
in anger. She stomped him repeatedly in his crotch. "Stupid pig! Just
die!" she screamed angrily.

    Finally, Kuno crossed his eyes, and passed out.

    "Honestly" screamed the woman as she stalked out of the ring and
sat down next to Tofu again.

    Fortunately, she never noticed all the men around her slowly move
away uncomfortably.

    Hakama stood with a smile on his face and watched several men
carry the prone form of Kuno to the sidelines. Ranma, Genryu, Mousse,
and Taro simply looked at him, and then back to Xianghua. They were
all pale.

    "Are you sure she just wants to kill you?" said Akane as she
looked at Ranma with a smirk on her face.

    "I sure hope so," commented Genryu.


    Hakama spread his arms again and smiled at the crowd. "Well,
certainly an exciting beginning! Now it's time for the real fights to
begin! Next up, Ranma versus Asswipe the Mighty!"

    "Hey!" cried Matin as he jumped up. "I thought I told you to
change that!"

    "To what?" said Hakama with a shrug.

    Matin looked at him blankly and worked his jaw for a moment. "I
uhhh... DAMN YOU!"

    Ranma smiled and walked up to meet the boy in the center of the
ring. "So, have you learned anything new?"

    Matin approached and balled up his fists in anger. "You'll find
out soon enough!"

    "Well, shall we get started then?" said Ranma with his maddening
smile still present.



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