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This the latest complete chapter of Poison honor. the other completed chapters are on my own fanfic page and so is chapter 6, which is mostly done, but maybe change somewhat as it has not finished pre-read/proof-read.


Poisoned Honor



AKA Nuki Mouse

Authors notes: This is a story based on characters owned and copy righted by Takahashi Rumiko and VIZ Communications. I wrote this story for entertainment purposes only and have not received any money for it, nor will I attempt to.

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Dr Ono Toufu had just finished his examination of Akane Tendo, the little sister of his beloved Kasumi. She was resting quietly on Kasumi’s futon, as her two onee-chans sat nearby, looking on. His hand was still resting on her forehead, surrounded by a faint Emerald green aura. <I still can‘t believe what happened between Kasumi and me! > He thought, as he noticed the change in his chi aura. Although his healing ‘powers’ helped confirmed to him that Akane had not ingested any toxins, he was back to using his more mundane skills to find if any physical harm was done to her.

He was still in a state of mild shock from what he had experienced just a few minutes before.<Shampoo, there is no way I could of healed her like that, all I was trying to do was stimulate her heart, not some type of magic heal, she WAS dead. It was like something out of a fantasy or movie> He though afterwards he had half expected that he was now some kind of super healer, but while his abilities were stronger, they had receded to a more normal level. He looked down at his hands <if it wasn’t my own eyes seeing the change in my aura, I would think I was crazy, this all seems so surreal.>

He had given Akane a mild sedative, so she could rest after her ordeal, and he tried to calm her, but the turmoil caused by Ranma’s actions was too much for him to over come with just words. < I must get Kasumi to try her new abilities on Akane> he thought, as he instinctively knew that while he had a way with healing of the physical body, his beloved Kasumi’s ability seem to be for the healing the heart and soul.

"She should sleep now for the next two or three hours, she doesn’t have any lasting physical harm, but I can’t say the same for her psyche. She will need a lot of condolence and compassion when she wakes" Ono informed the sisters. "Along with counseling from some one she trust. Kasumi, I think you should …. Um …give it a try" <How do I explain this to her? > Ono pondered his dilemma <I have had a year or more to learn and understand my abilities, Kasumi just unlocked hers a few minutes ago and they‘re not even the same! Maybe Cologne can help her....>

"I will try, … if you’ll help me, Ono-chan?" Kasumi replied in a timid voice, followed by a very faint " Otto-kun" and a slight smile on her face as he looked up into the eyes of her fiancée. Although he had proposed (YET), she knew, as if engraved in stone, that after the empathic bond they shared during Shampoo’s healing they WILL marry. <I always knew that in he was infatuated with me, but to find he loved me so deeply, if he doesn't propose to me, I WILL!>

<What? Onee-chan? Why does Kasumi, need MY help? She’s the one who’s read every psychology book Ono owns> Nabiki wondered, then she caught the whispered "Otto-kun" <WHAT IN THE … ‘Otto-kun‘! Kasumi just called Ono her husband! Wait, SHE said Ono-chan, not onee-chan! > Nabiki looked wildly back and forth between the two and notice the way they just stared into each other’s eyes. <This is the worst case of puppy love I have ever seen! For Ono this almost normal, But Kasumi! I have never seen her show her such emotions so openly, even for Ono! > As she wondered just what she missed. <He going to lose it! Here we go, Betty-chan! There will be dancing, dancing in the street! >

Ono broke his gaze with Kasumi and felt his composure slipping. "I um... I think we should g- go and talk tto Cologne" he said as he offered his hand to Kasumi and once again his ’personal’ mantra <REMAIN CALM! DON’T OVERREACT! COMPOSURE! REMA …> ran though his head. As he felt the warm smooth skin of Kasumi’s dainty hand in his, a wave of calm and tranquility washed over him and he regains his control. He gave Akane one last look before he turned and noticed the décor of the room. <I have never seen so much pink, frilly lace or so many cute beanie babies in one place, before! > He thought.

< I always liked pink, and I think beanie babies are just ADORABLE! > Kasumi’s mental voice answered in Ono’s head.

<I have always wanted to see your bedroom, Kasumi. I use to dream about being in here with you and what we would do … OPPS! > Ono started to answer Kasumi back into her mind…

Suddenly both Kasumi and the doctor jumped apart, eyes wide in wonder, their faces blushing deep red, as their hands parted, severing the empathic bond once more.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ranma-chan finally slowed down her headlong flight across the rooftops, and started to assess her predicament. <I’ma rapist! It just luck that I haven’t a-a-actually done it… YET> she told herself. <I can’t live with myself, as a... a guy I’ll rape Akane, I’ll... Akane, I so much want ta… ta shows my love ta ya, ...ta make you mine! I could have made you like it! You would have liked it, you love me! You must want ta do it too! I could…! NO! NO! DAMN IT! I can’t even THINK about her even as a GIRL, without wanting to rape her!> wept the despondent Ranma-chan.

<But … e-eeven as a ...girl, I ca-can’t stop thinkin’ ‘bout sex! I uh ..wa-want to do it! I could... it w-wo-wouldn’t BE rape, ..I’m w-willin’…, look at Ryouga, he wanted it, I could FEEL him respondin’ ta ME! If I responded like that as a guy, I would have …! DAMN! .&*%!!.> Ranma-chan mentally curse herself again <I did feel that way as a guy! All the time... when I saw a sexy girl or got glomped. I … RESPONDED , to Shampoo, to all the others. But I din’t WANT ta rape‘em, it was just my body respondin’, NOT ME! when Shampoo was forcing ME! I was so mad, I wanted to kill her for forcin’ herself on me… when I, my uh .. soul, din’t want too!> Ranma-chan realized. <I... WAS... forcin’ myself on Ryouga, I remember him strugglin’, tryin’ ta fight me off, even as his body um... harden! HE din’t want ta, but I was still forcin’ myself on him … forcing him … that’s RAPE too, isn’t? > She asked herself.

<Look at how Ryouga really responded, as P-chan he tried at bite and mocked me! He was my friend… then I tried ta rape him, just like Shampoo tried ta force me! Wait? Does that mean Shampoo tried ta …RAPE me?, I don’t know..> Ranma shook his head trying to clear his befuddled thoughts, but the drugs in his body were still too strong. <Ryouga, He wouldn’t … din’t want ta ... help me commit seppuku, not that I blame him…, who would wanna help a rapist like me?> Ranma-chan confused thoughts continued.

<I told P-P-chan, Ryouga! about Akane, he’ll protect her for me now, He la-lo-loves her, sh-sh-shee could l-la-love him!, he’ll make her happy… unlike me! Kasumi, Nabiki, Ukyou …their better off with me gone… Pops, he’ll miss me, but... he’ll get over it. But ma... but ma... But …Mother!> She finally thought in remorse. < You’ve waited 10 years for me, I… don’t even really re-re-remember you! Just a face from childhood, then when f-found you, I din’t … I couldn’t … talk ta you, ta tell you I love you… THAT STUPID PROMISE! But I must see you, once more … ta say good bye, then I’ll be ready … ready ta end all of this.>

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The four of them were sitting around the square chabudia in the main room of the Tendo home. Kasumi and Ono were seated on opposite sides of the low table, consciously insuring that nether touched each other, even by accident. Nabiki and Cologne were seated side by side at one end, leaving vacant the side closest to the open door to the veranda.

"Sensei-san, your Granddaughter is resting quietly, she should be able for you to move her in the morning" Dr Toufu informed Cologne, "I don’t know yet if there will be any lasting harm, but I managed to remove the toxins from her. You are going to have to keep a close eye on her and inform me immediately if there are any changes ".

"Don’t try to teach me to suck eggs, youngster! I forgotten more about medicine in the last 100 years then you’ll ever know. Cologne barked back, but then continued in a more grateful tone. "Toufu-san, Kasumi, without your healing gifts, my heir would be dead so I suppose I’m in debt. " Cologne replied, as a sudden spasm of fear gripped her at the mention of the toxins. <So there was a drug in your body, please for your own sake, Shampoo, let that be all! >

Nabiki was carefully watching the interplay between Ono and Cologne, and notice the reaction, though very slight, in Cologne when Ono mention the presence of toxins in Shampoo’s body. She also noted the cryptic reference to both Ono and Kasumi having healing powers. Ono powers were of no surprise to her, she seen them before, plus her spy network that watched the Amazons and the Neko-Hanten restaurant for her had reported on Ono receiving guidance and instruction in his Gift from Cologne.

<I missed way too much while babysitting Akane! Just WHAT happen in Ranma’s room with Shampoo? > She wondered. <I guess I will just have to wait and watch the tape from the surveillance camera.> she look at the Amazon elder next to her and could see that she was already plotting again, and knew this did not bode well for her family. Some one needed to slap her down and prove she isn’t the only ‘chess master’ here.

"So what was the Chinese Bimbo doing over here in the first place? Trying to poison us?" Nabiki asked, showing a level of tact normal reserved for Ranma, while she secreted the potion bottles from Shampoo’s clothes in her right hand and carefully studied the Amazon elder sitting next to her. <She may have come to ‘warn’ us, but I think she was really just here to stop Shampoo from defying her will.> Nabiki determined. <Cologne maybe grateful to Ono and Kasumi NOW, but I have studied her too long. She’s grateful for Shampoo’s life, but wouldn’t stop her from pursuing their primary goal of winning Ranma!> Nabiki reflected on this, still trying to assess her thoughts on Ranma. < He... did what he did... and I thought I'd NEVER even consider forgiving him, but Shampoo fucked with his mind, that much is clear to me!> Nabiki could feel her rage rising <They fucked with MY family once to often, and I’ll be damn if they get away with it this time!>

<Shampoo, She had to defy me and break Amazon law again!> Cologne thought <She takes great risks for our goal, but she may have got what she wants this time> Cologne knew the risk well, had Ranma gone on a widespread sexual rampage due to Shampoo's actions, he would have been found unacceptable as a husband and the council would have excommunicated Shampoo, if not outright kill her. < Shampoo was lucky that she didn‘t try to use the succubus blood, even son-in-law doesn’t have the will power to resist THAT. But ‘the ends justify the means’, Ranma has now been disown by his greatest allies and if played right, I can insure Akane will never forgive him!>

<Ha Ha! I see that Nabiki trying to be cleaver again! > Cologne realized, knowing of Nabiki's vaunted belief in her skills at divining knowledge and spotting lies. <She wants to sit next to me! she thinks she can spot any untruths or deceptions I may use from my body language. You’re 100 years too young to catch me!> Cologne smirked, and look around the table at the three faces staring intently at her, waiting for her answer and realized the difficult task she had before her. <They deserve some answer, the deserve the truth...> Cologne thought to herself, but knew that she could never tell them that! <But for Shampoo’s sake, if there is any chance of saving her honor and future, I must tell them something to cover this up!>

Cologne slowly cleared throat, and gripped her staff tightly to her for support before finally speaking. "Last month, the council of elders meet and ruled on Shampoo’s status as not only my successor but as an Amazon as well" She began. "I have... rivals... on the council, who think our actions to win Ranma unbecoming of a potential Amazon matriarch" Cologne continued "That is why I was hoping you had the discretion to keep this quiet and...!"

"So in other words, not all of the amazons agree with your underhanded dishonorable schemes to ‘win’ Ranma" Nabiki stated bluntly, interrupting Cologne, as she stared defiantly at her. "So old crone, what did the other bitches on your council tell you"

"Nabiki! Cologne is our guest here! You dishonor the family talking to her that way!" Kasumi reprimanded her sister as she glared her displeasure at Nabiki. "Honorable elder, my I beg your for..." Kasumi started to say

"HONORABLE!" Yelled Nabiki. "Honor less, you mean! Since when is it honorable to lie, cheat, con, drug, or kidnap anyone! She’s been pimping her slut of a grand daughter to Ranma for almost two years now!" Nabiki continued her attack on Cologne’s integrity, know this to be her weak point. "No wonder you and Happosai use to be an ‘item’, your honor is as warped as your bodies.

Kasumi was speechless, she knew that her sister could be hard and cold hearted at times, but never knew how cruel she could be. A weak "Oh my..." was all she could finally say.

Ono could feel the anger rising in Cologne, her chi burning red, as he too could only stare dumbfounded at Nabiki as she literally ‘tickled the tail of the dragon!’ Ever since his first bumbling attempts, Cologne had become his sensei in chi healing and his tutor in the ethics of their use. He had spent long hours in the small kitchen at the Neko Hanten listening to her teachings while she cooked, and equally long ones in his clinic practicing his skills. Along with his training, he also learned of the hopes and dreams she had for Shampoo and for the modernization and renaissance of her people. Now he was watching the teacher he had grown to trust and respect trying not to attack the woman who would be his sister-in-law.

It took all the restraint that Cologne had to keep from killing Nabiki, not kill as in hurt, but KILL. She was a warrior from a warrior tribe, and her Amazon blood screamed for revenge. Although Ranma, among others, had called her such things as ’old bat’, "crone’, and ’mummy’, it was nowhere near the sheer malice and cruelty of Nabiki’s comments. Only three things save Nabiki's life right then.

The first was due to the young lavender hair girl sleeping upstairs. Cologne knew that without the skills and knowledge of Ono, and the abilities and vitality of Kasumi, Shampoo would be dead. This was a debt that she may never be able to repay, and Nabiki was held dear to both of them. The second was that in the innermost core of Cologne’s anger, there was a calm eye were she realized that Nabiki’s insults were not from a hatred of her, but a purposeful attempt to goad her. The third was that the insults were basically true, and a good portion of Cologne’s anger was due Nabiki trying to force her to realize that.

Cologne battled against her anger, and against Nabiki herself, for a battle it was. Cologne had long ago realized that Akane had the heart of a lion, the integrity of a samurai and the courage to become a true warrior, and Kasumi had the spirit and essence of an angel, along with the graciousness of a princess and that both would be formable foes in their own forte, but had always underestimated the middle Tendo Sister. She thought of Nabiki as a spineless conniver and a coward who would sellout her family for a few yen. She just found out how wrong she was.

With any other weapon and on any other field of battle, Nabiki would never have a ghost of a chance against Cologne, but she had chosen both her words and the field with care. Cologne looked up at the face of the young woman beside her, and glared directly into her eyes, Nabiki sat, arms crossed, and glared defiantly back, her body unflinching and eyes unwavering. Where Akane was a samurai and Kasumi an angel, Nabiki was a ninja and assassin with the willpower and convictions of a martyr.

<All I have to do is reach out and strike you> Cologne thought <one quick blow and you’d be DEAD! and you know that, don’t you?> she realized she had greatly misjudged Nabiki. She glanced at the other two at the table she could more sense than see a slight smile on Nabiki’s face and realized she just lost ground in this strange battle. <One blow, I could end this, but to kill an unskilled girl would betray my heritage and prove me honor less> Cologne knew. <Plus I would have to do it in front of Doctor I trained and respect and a woman that even Satan himself would smile at, both of whom I owe a life debt to.>

Cologne counterattacked with the only weapon left to her. "Baka! If I handled this in the way the ‘bitches’ on the council wanted, you would be dead right now and lying un-mourned in your grave, and Ranma would have been back in Joketsuzoku where he belongs, long ago!" Cologne spat out the words. "And if I didn’t restrict Shampoo from using lethal means, Akane would be long dead, as well, I told her not to do any lasting harm to her!"

" It won’t wash, old crone, Shampoo has tried to kill Akane a dozen times or more" Nabiki volleyed back, not realizing that Shampoo really had restricted herself. "And only a heartless hag like you would think that Shampoo’s attempted rape of Akane by proxy wasn’t ‘harmful‘!"

"Don’t blame Ranma’s actions on Shampoo, you hussy, she had nothing to do with them! She just may be as much a victim as Akane!" Cologne responded "She accidentally got into some of my special ‘spices’ and potions, and was not responsible for her actions, she was confused and irrational and was only looking for some comfort from her husband!"

"You’re telling a little of the truth, finally! Shampoo isn’t the only one responsible, YOU ARE AS WELL!" Nabiki accused. "Don’t give my that bull that your prized apprentice could "accidentally" poison herself ! If it was true then why did you come here, and want to warn Akane as well as Ranma? Why worry about Shampoo ’giving’ them anything?" she continued as she smelled blood in the water.

"I wasn't even home last night when Shampoo broke into the drugs! She was being pushed and threatened and took action on her own, OVER my express refusal in the matter!" Cologne blurted out in rage, having to vent her anger and irritation at Nabiki somehow.

"So it is drugs now, not just spices and potions and she did talk to you about this ’matter’" Nabiki snapped back as she drove in for the kill. "And then you left here alone, knowing her plans and motives, and claim you were not responsible! You leave a unscrupulous brat like Shampoo home alone with a loaded weapon and then claim your not responsible!"

"Shampoo knew she was not to use them without permission! She been told before! She was careless and exposed herself to one of them by accident, and there is no proof that Shampoo came here to for any other reason than to just visit Ranma." Cologne reiterate herself, forgetting in her anger that she already admitted that Shampoo did the both plan and motive.

"No proof, huh! then perhaps you can explain these! I found one with Shampoo’s clothes and the other by Ranma’s bed!" Nabiki said as she played her trump card in this battle of wits and words, and place the two potion bottles on the table before her and stared defiantly at Cologne.

Cologne knew defeat when she saw it and it was a bitter pill to swallow as she broke the stare and had to accept her defeat. She always considered her best weapon to be her wit and her will and to be defeated by a woman just barely of legal age was... unsettling. Her denial of responsibility and knowledge for Shampoo’s actions was not to give herself an alibi, but to protect Shampoo. What Shampoo had done could be considered attempted rape and showed a total lack of good judgment unworthy of a future elder. Cologne knew her days as a Matriarch were numbered and she had been willing to sacrifice much and overlook certain indiscretions to see Shampoo became her successor. But what Shampoo had done showed a arrogance and lack of morals unacceptable for an elder and must be punished.

As Cologne acknowledged the truth, she could feel her anger drain away. She knew that Nabiki had goaded her into a killing rage only to kept her off balance and careless. She felt old, weary and remorseful and slumped her head and shoulders. Suddenly she realized that Kasumi had moved to her side and held her, and she rested her head on Kasumi’s bosom. She could feel a strange warmth and felt a comfort and reassurance flow into her body and her thoughts and views clarified as her mind and ego accepted the truth. Shampoo was unfit to be an elder and it was her duty to punish her and make amends to her victims. She turned her head slightly and could see Kasumi’s hands radiating an emerald aura as she embraced her. <I forgot she could do that now> Cologne thought < Although Kasumi means well, I don’t like being weak and coddled. > as she broke the embrace and sat upright and proud again. <Its time to come clean and tell all, and I pray to the Kami-sama that Ranma unharmed.>

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Ranma-chan had made the hazardous crossing of the Tokyo #5 expressway by walking along a small drainage canal as it passed under the roadway and had return to the rooftops. The going wasn’t as easy as before, this being an area Ranma had never journeyed to, except for by subway or cab. Time and time again, she reached gaps too wide to jump, and had to find another way. The easy way would just be to descend to street level, but after her encounter with Ryouga, Ranma was afraid to face another person. Finally she had reached her destination, a small modest house in a quite neighborhood. Her mother lived here alone for the last twelve years, waiting on the return of her only child.

Ranma-chan approached the window and glanced in to the main room of her home. she didn’t see anyone but knew her mother was home since her katana was still resting in its stand near the door. Ranma had been debating whether she would just look once more on her mother or if Ranko would make an actual visit to ‘Auntie Nodaka’. <I’ll never see here again.> Ranma thought and made up her mind. She slowly approached the door and knocked, but there was no answer. Ranma almost turned and left, but reached out instead and tried the door. <This is my home, after all....> Ranma rationalized, as she slipped inside to the genkan of her mothers home. Looking around the inside of the entryway, Ranma first noticed an old portrait photo of a very young looking Genma and Nodaka, holding a small baby. <That must be me!> Ranma thought as she fought back tears. Glancing down, Ranma couldn’t keep her eyes from focusing on her mother’s sword.

This katana and the promise made to it, to become a manly man, is what had kept mother and her apart. < I should break it! Snap it in half!> she thought in anger as she walk over to were it was resting, along with the family tanto and a tachi that had belonged to a samurai ancestor. <If it wasn’t for you and that promise, I wouldn’t had ta hide from mom.> Ranma mentally address the sword as she glared at it, then her eyes lighted upon the tanto. It was an old blade, that had be in her mothers family for generations and Ranma knew it was had been the blade of choice for seppuku by at least 3 previous members. Ranma picked the knife up and slip it free of the scabbard and look at the etched blade and keen edge. She drew it along the breast of her hoari and felt it slice through the cloth as if it wasn’t there. <This will do> Ranma thought as she finished evaluating the knife and had just tuck it into the sash around her waist when she suddenly heard a voice behind her.

"Is that you Ranko? Are you looking for me?" came a sweet but hardedge voice that ’Ranko’ recognized as her mother’s

Ranma slowly turn turned around, dreading the moment she would see her mother face to face again. She could not force look at her mother and just stared at the ground in front of her. "Good afternoon, Oba-san, I... um... was in the area, so..." she started to say.

Nodaka was concern to arrive back from tea, only to find a stranger standing in her home <By um... her ragged, dirty clothes, she must be a thief, I can scare her away and with hair that color, the police sh.....!> her thoughts broke off in shock when she realized she knew the girl, it was Ranko Tendo and she called out to her. As the young girl turn around Nodaka was shocked to see the condition she was in. Where Ranko was never a very feminine acting girl, at least she was a pretty, if not beautiful one, but not today. The light kimono she wore may have been yellow at on time but she could not be sure of that, right now it was cover in dirt and mud, and had grass stains on her arms and side. The haori was wet and ripped across her chest and was also smeared with mud. Her braid had come loose and her hair was plastered around her shoulders. What ever suspicion she had about the girl’s actions were lost in the feelings of compassion at the girl’s appearance.

Ranma could see her mothers feet approaching her and she could feel her hand gently grip her chin as her mother raised her head up to look at her face. <MOTHER! I miss you so!> Ranma wanted to yell out. When the moment she dread most came, and Ranma was looking at his mothers face she felt a thrill of emotion race through her body. < I never knew how beautiful she is> Ranma thought, as see saw things in her mother that she never noticed before <Her hair, its RED! its just darken ta the point I thought it was brown. She taller than me, but her face, I... ugh, Ranko... I look like her!> Ranma eyes then scan over the rest of his mothers body. <She’s stacked! just look at those hips, she so sexy! she’s.... MY MOTHER!>Tears weld up in Ranma’s eyes as she realized were her mind was heading, and she spun away from her, covering her face with her hands in shame, and ran.

At the same time, Nodaka gently lifted Ranko face up and she also apprized the girl before her. Ranko’s face, like it normally did, shown absolutely no sign of make up, and her beautiful blue eyes were swollen from repeated bouts of tears and bloodshot red. Dirt streaked her face and her nose was also red and swollen. Nodaka saw that Ranko was assessing her as closely as she was assessing Ranko, and saw her eyes first examine her own face then the rest of her body. Nodaka felt a swift chill, almost like she was stripped nude but then saw tears well up in Ranko’s eye and streamed down her face and then Ranko hid her face in what Nodaka could only take as extreme shame while she turned and darted away. "Ranko, wait! don’t leave! let me help you!" She called after the retreating girl.

The End Part Five.



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