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Chapter 10

"How is she?" Mousse asked, a slight panic in his voice.

"Asleep- she couldn't say anything more than 'Ranma' before breaking down
into another flood of tears, and wore herself out crying."  Cologne shook
her head.  "I don't think I've ever seen her that upset- either Ranma
dumped her, or he died.  I just wish she'd taken my advice and let me go
with her- if she had, then maybe I'd know what was going on."

Mousse blinked.  "Ranma... dead?  I hadn't thought of that before, but...
well, I certainly couldn't see him just dumping her without something
extraordinary happening, and there was that chi blast we all heard this

Cologne blinked.  Mousse almost looked... panicked... at the thought of his
rival's demise.  "I, too, doubt that Ranma would just dump Shampoo for no
reason at all.  Then again, he and Akane WERE getting somewhat closer while
we were at Toma's island, and he did almost go through with that wedding a
few months back.  Perhaps he finally decided to make a choice, and Shampoo
was not the one for him."

"But that chi blast-"

"Was not nearly powerful enough to kill him.  It wasn't even as powerful as
one of Ryouga's usual Shi Shi Hokodans, and Ranma has taken several of
those before.  No, I suspect half of Nerima would be leveled if someone
killed him in a fight."  Cologne comforted, sizing Mousse up curiously. 
"Why are you so worried about it, anyway?  I thought you WANTED him dead?"

Mousse shook his head.  "Not really... I just want my Shampoo," he said
mournfully.  His expression got more serious.  "I hate to say it, but Ranma
is a much better fighter than I am.  If he were to have been killed in
battle, I and any of the rest of his... associates... would be in serious
danger.  I... was worried."

Cologne raised an eyebrow curiously.  She was not expecting Mousse, of all
people, to make an admission of weakness such as that one.  She thought it
rather brave of him, and decided to give him a small piece of advice as a

"Well, I'm pretty sure that my great granddaughter is just mourning her
rejection.  I have often wondered why Ranma would deny a woman like her,
considering how affectionate and desirable she is.  Perhaps it was because
she pursued him too hard."  She looked into Mousse's glasses, hoping to see
if her words were effecting him.  "Perhaps Shampoo refuses you for the same
reason.  Maybe you should back off of her a bit, and she'll get a little
warmer towards you.  I understand you saved her life back on Toma's island
in a very impressive manner.  You may stand a chance with her now... IF you
don't mess it up."

Mousse blinked.  Cologne had never given him advice of any sort before, but
here was one of the leaders of the Amazons, giving him tips on how to win
the woman he desired.  It certainly was not something that happened very
often, regardless of WHO the man was.

"Thank you, Honored Elder.  I will not forget this."

Cologne smiled.  "See that you do not."

*	*	*	*	*

Akane stuck a couple of condoms from the cabinet into her purse, and
smoothed out her slightly rumpled dress.  Looking around the hotel room in
which she lost her virginity, she smiled slightly and turned to the
bathroom.  "You ready to leave just yet, Ranma?"

The pigtailed martial artist walked through the doorway, half-naked.  "Not
quite, but I will be in a minute."

Akane took one last look at his battered but muscular chest, and sighed as
it disappeared from view when Ranma buttoned up his silk shirt.  Then she
smiled, remembering that she'd have plenty of opportunity to see it again
tonight.  When he nodded at her to show he had finished getting dressed,
she walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek.  "Let's get going."

Ranma nodded, but pulled her towards him in a tight hug instead.  "I wish
we could have stayed longer," he said awkwardly.

Akane leaned further into the hug.  "Pervert," she whispered lovingly,
kissing him under the ear.  "Come on, we have to go before we get charged
for another hour."  She lead him out the door and turned to leave the
building, but Ranma held her back.  "What's wrong?" she asked, turning
towards him.

Ranma was not looking at her, but instead back at the room they had just
left.  "Nothing.  I just wanted to get the room number... in case we ever
decided to come back here again."

'Ya know,' Iria began, talking to Akane for the first time since they'd
left Furinkan, 'I never would have though of him as a sentimentalist.' 
There was a slight pause.  'You went further than I ever expected you to.'

'What do you mean?' Akane growled.  'I only did what you told me to!'

'I only said to use the food to encourage Ranma to participate.  I meant as
a bribe... but what you did was perfectly fine!  Worthy of one of my kind! 
I'm fairly sure none of your rivals would ever think of doing something
like that,' Iria teased.

Akane blushed.  "Akane?" Ranma asked, noticing.

Her blush deepened.  "Um... I love you, Ranma," she answered, not wanting
to explain herself.

Ranma smiled brightly, and put an arm around her.  "I love you, too,

Akane returned the favor, and leaned into him.  Holding each other tightly,
they left the love hotel, and started on home.

*	*	*	*	*

Ukyou looked around the classroom as the bell rang ending the period. 
Frowning, she turned to one of the people she'd seen hanging around Akane
from time to time.

"Where were Ranchan and Akane?  I thought I saw them this morning, but I
couldn't find them during lunch and they weren't in class," she asked.

Sayuri shrugged.  "I don't know- I think Yuka said she saw them heading out
for lunch- maybe they just ran late and decided not to come back."  The
teenage girl was intelligent enough not to say the rest of what Yuka had
told her- that Akane was hanging all over Ranma and that he seemed to be
returning it.

Ukyou nodded.  "Maybe.  Still, I thought they were going to walk me back to
the restaurant today...."

"Well, maybe they forgot," Sayuri suggested.

"Normally, though, they don't forget for situations like this," Ukyou
muttered.  Walking her home had been something she'd suggested to Ranma the
previous day to minimize chances of possession by the oni.  True, he had
been a little distracted during that conversation by something he'd refused
to talk about, but this was important.  "Oh, well... I'll have to remember
to have a little chat with Ranchan tomorrow, though..."

*	*	*	*	*

Ranma and Akane, still holding hands but doing little more than that as the
realization of what they had done started to hit them, walked into the
front door of their house and walked into the main room looking for Nodoka.

"We're home!" Akane called from the doorway.  Then, seeing the scene in
front of her, she blinked.  At the table Nodoka and the Oni were drinking
tea together.

"Hello, Akane dear.  You're home early- how was school?" she asked calmly. 
Her eyes, though, traced over her son with concern.

Akane missed it, though, as her eyes were also tracing over Ranma's body-
though for a very different reason.  She blushed and said, "It was, um,

Nodoka grimaced.  "Akane... can I talk to you privately for a moment?  I
have some things I want to ask you before this honorable Oni returns to

Both of the teenagers raised their eyes at her address of the demon.  "Uh,"
Akane hesitated, glancing at Ranma.  He shrugged and nodded.  "Sure," she
continued.  "Ranma, why don't you go fix us both a snack or something?"

Ranma nodded once, looked uncomfortably at the Oni, and left.  The Oni
disappeared as well, floating up and through the ceiling, into what Akane
knew to be her room.  Satisfied that they were alone, Nodoka cleared her
throat and began.

"I know you and my son have been sleeping together the past few nights, and
have seen each other... undressed... frequently in the past few days," she
began nervously.  Only her tone kept Akane from blushing.  "I was wondering
if you might have seen any... marks... on him."

"Marks?" Akane asked, confused.

Nodoka bit her lip.  "You know, scars, serious bruises, signs of long
untreated injuries..."

"Well, yeah.  He's a martial artist who gets into lots of fights- I've seen
several scars from battles he's fought to protect me, I've seen a number of
still healing bruises that he received recently from the battle with Toma,
and he's got a number of calluses on his chest from all the fighting he's
done since even before I've met him."  Akane's blush showed unchecked that
time, as she had just discovered most of those scars and calluses earlier
that day.

"Of course he would- how stupid of me..." Nodoka muttered to herself.

"Why?"  Akane asked.

"Has Ranma ever told you of the Cat Fist training?" Nodoka replied.

"Well, yeah, sort of.  It was kind of hard not to find out about it when
Shampoo showed up on our doorstep as a cat."

"And do you know what that training consisted of?"

Akane nodded, unsure of what Nodoka was getting at.  "Well, yeah- tying him
up in fish sausage and tossing him into a pit of hungry cats.  Why?"

"Has my hus....  Has Genma ever apologized to my son for it, or done
anything to try and correct his mistakes?"

Akane frowned.  "I don't know- Ranma doesn't talk about it much, and Genma
rarely says ANYTHING about Ranma's past, even to Ranma, unless he has to." 
She looked up at the older woman.  "Why?  What's going on?"

"I just found out today, from the Oni, some of the things which my son has
been put through.  But I guess you've known for some time," Nodoka said
dismissively.  "Never mind, then- I suspect by now Ranma has finished
fixing your snack, so go on and enjoy yourself."

Akane opened her mouth to say something, but Nodoka turned away, looking
almost... annoyed at her.  'Weird,' Akane thought as she turned to leave.

*	*	*	*	*

Soun looked over the board carefully, searching for a way out of the trap
Genma had set.  His mind, however, was on something other than the game,
and soon even his opponent noticed.  A piece made its move, another soon
followed, and then the game was over.

"Nice match, Saotome," Soun said absently.

"No, it wasn't.  You aren't yourself, Tendou- what's on your mind?  I feel
like this trip our children sent us on is a pretty nice vacation, but your
mood the past couple of days has been spoiling that."

"Mmm," Soun hummed.  "A number of things, I suppose.  First of all, my baby
girl is about to become a woman..."

Genma nodded, waiting for the right moment to stop his friend from his
usual outburst.  After several days of repeated scenes similar to this one,
he had been able to discern the exact moment at which an interruption would
stop the downpour of tears that was sure to otherwise be said.  'Three...
two... one...' he ticked off mentally.

"Tendou, you've mentioned that several times since we left as concerning
you, but you appear to be more disturbed than even that has made you," he
broke in, successfully heading off the waterworks.  "Surely you aren't
still concerned that our families may not be united?  After we return home,
surely it will be much easier to convince our children to get married..."

"No, Saotome, I am not worried about that any more.  In fact, it is BECAUSE
I am no longer concerned that I have been so distracted the past few days. 
I was wondering if it was possible to take Akane down to her grandparents
for a week... without Ranma.  Then I would bring her and her grandparents
back with us, and they could meet him...."

Genma's eyes widened slightly.  "Your parents are still alive?"  He
frowned.  "But why weren't they at the wedding?  And why don't you want
Ranma to go along with you?"

"Well, they have yet to find out about the curse, and I was hoping to have
you and that son of yours cured before I had to introduce him to the rest
of our family."  Glaring up at Genma disapprovingly,  Soun growled, "As it
now seems that the last chance for a cure has been destroyed, I figure they
have to get to know their future in-laws as they are.  I figure it would
take a week to get them used to the idea."

"And you will be taking Akane because?"

"It will make it easier to get them used to the idea if Akane shows them
how much she misses him... and she WILL miss him- as the saying goes,
'absence makes the heart grow fonder.'"

Genma nodded thoughtfully.  "True, true... a good idea, Tendou.  We should
have thought of this sooner!"  Silence reigned for a few minutes before he
looked back at the shogi board.  "Another game?"

In answer, Soun started setting up the pieces.

*	*	*	*	*

Akane, once more possessed by the Oni, was trembling slightly, staring at
the bed.  Ranma, standing next to her with an arm over her shoulder, looked
rather uncertain himself.

"Well... here we go again, I guess," he said to break the ice.

"Yeah, about time to get rid of these horns," she answered, voice trembling
slightly.  They continued to stare at the bed together.

"Haven't we already done this before?  Why are we still so..." Ranma asked,
his voice trailing off when he couldn't think of how to finish his
question.  "Did we go too fast, and scare ourselves away from this?"

"Well," Akane answered, moving out of his arms to sit down on the bed,
unconsciously adjusting the robe she wore.  Wearing them had been another
of Iria's suggestions- a way to add an element of foreplay.  Akane,
however, was more grateful of the small amount of modesty it granted her by
that point.  "I don't think so.  I think what happened earlier today was so
spontaneous, and this is so... premeditated... that it feels different."

Ranma nodded, sitting down next to her and taking her hand, stroking it in
little circles with his thumb soothingly.  "I hope that's all it is." 
Akane leaned into him, and he nuzzled his cheek in her hair, carefully
avoiding the horns so as to not repeat that morning's bathroom incident. 
"If you want, we don't have to do this tonight, you know.  We've still got
several days...."

Akane shook her head shyly.  "No... it has to be tonight for me.  I
wouldn't have said that this morning, but now that we've already, um, done
it, I have to say having this thing inside me scares me more than any of...

"Well, I know I couldn't resist you even if I tried," Ranma replied,
grinning weakly, "So I guess I might as well go along with it."  Releasing
her hand, he reached down for the tie holding her robe closed, and tugged
nervously.  "You lead earlier today, so whadya say to letting me lead this

Akane smiled, turning her whole body to him.  "I'm all yours," she said
softly.  Her nerves were still present, but for some reason that little
gesture relaxed her enough to let everything else take over.  And
everything else was screaming that she wanted him.

*	*	*	*	*

About halfway through Ranma and Akane's love making, Iria felt something
was wrong.  She had been transfixed on the activities they were performing-
being a former succubus tended to give one, if nothing else, a professional
interest in all forms of sex, including voyeurism, and Iria was no
exception.  However, it was about then she remembered she wasn't alone in
Akane's head.

"Say," Iria asked, diverting some of her attention to the Oni, "Shouldn't
you be out of here by now?  Surely they've done enough to remove your curse
by now, haven't they?"

Said Oni pretended to look innocent.  "Oops- did I forget to mention
something?  See, in order for my curse to be lifted, the two lovers have to

*	*	*	*	*

An arm shot out from the pair on the bed, unnoticed either by its owner or
its owner's lover.  It grasped onto a small glass of water, and brought it
back over the both of them.  Pouring slowly so as not to disturb either
part of the couple, the arm dribbled water down the back of one of them.

Ranma and Akane were too far gone to notice that something important was
now missing.

*	*	*	*	*

Iria was in shock, but there was nothing she could do.  "They're going to
destroy you," she warned.

The Oni shrugged.  "If they even realize it.  They might not, and even if
they do I don't have to leave until both my curse is lifted and they're
done making love- and how can I tell that they're done making love until
they're asleep?  I'll be long gone before either of them wake up, and they
won't really be harmed.  Besides..."


"They might like it!"

*	*	*	*	*

Ranma blinked as he suddenly realized what the problem was.  "Akane, when
did I turn into a girl?"

Akane blinked, realizing she was holding the small glass of water she kept
by her bed at night.  "Uh... I guess I accidentally splashed you when we
were, uh..."

Ranma sighed and nodded.  "Well, it figures.  Now I'll have to go
downstairs to get some hot water... what an annoying interruption."

He started to get up, but after a moment of indecision, Akane held him
back.  "Ranma, wait..."


"Well..."  She bit her lip nervously.  Talking quickly, though, she was
able to force out what she felt she needed to say.  "This might be the
perfect opportunity to... uh... see what it's like this way.  I mean, I
think by now it's safe to say we love each other, will get married to each
other whether we want to or not, and share the same bed for much of the
rest of our lives.  Perhaps we should find out now what to expect if...
well, if you ever get stuck that way again or something- I mean, we've
already been... doing this... as girls for who knows how long now- why not
just finish it out, and see where it takes us?"

Ranma blinked.  He didn't really want to try this, but if Akane did,

"I... well, I guess that makes sense.  I mean, I'm not nearly as... well,
ready now as I was when I thought I was still a guy, but... yeah, maybe now
IS the time to try this."

*	*	*	*	*

"See?  They didn't even realize it was me!" the Oni declared.  "And I can
feel the magic of the curse dissipating as I speak."

"Are you still planning to wait until they're done to leave?" Iria asked.

"Well..."  The Oni hesitated.  "I don't want to stay in a body I can't take
anything from longer than I have to, but..." he stared out of Akane's eyes
at the now female Ranma.  "I think I want to experience this."  In order to
cover up its motives, it said, "After all, as a former succubus you must
have felt sensations like this all the time, but I've never experienced sex
before...  But in return, I'll give these two a little extra gift.  A
little something I can justify by claiming I'm just fulfilling part of my
end of the oath..."

*	*	*	*	*

"Well?" Akane asked, recovering.

"Um... I dunno.  How about you?" Ranma asked.  The two of them were cuddled
up together, still female, under the blankets.  Both still had some fires
inside them, but neither felt up to continuing.

"It was certainly... different.  And some things were different that I
would never have expected to matter.  You're smaller than me like this, you

Ranma nodded.  "Yeah... I think that's really about the only thing I liked
about this whole thing.  You were able to hold me tighter, which makes
cuddling like this pretty... comforting.  Still, all the other
sensations... they were all wrong."  He sighed.  "I suppose if I had to, I
could get used to it, but I really don't enjoy it at all right now."

"I hope you never have to- I know how upsetting it is for you to get stuck
as a girl," Akane commented.  "And I didn't really enjoy it that much,

Neither spoke for a few moment, before Akane giggled slightly.

"What?" Ranma asked.

"Oh, just thinking about what Kunou would do if he saw us right now..."

Ranma started chuckling as well.  "Yeah- that would be pretty funny.  It
would probably break his already-warped mind, though."  Ranma sighed
happily, and placed his head on the natural pillow Akane's body provided. 
"Wouldn't be worth the trouble it would cause, though," he yawned.

"Yeah..." Akane agreed, also starting to yawn.  "It'd probably break
anyone's mind, though- not just Kunou's.  I mean, I can't think of anyone
who wouldn't be shocked by us being together like this..."  It was then she
noticed her lover was asleep, and she smiled slightly.  "Goodnight, Ranma,"
she whispered, kissing him on the top of the head, much like he had done
that morning.  Then she joined him in sleep.

A few minutes later, a small black tattoo of a ward appeared on her breast,
and the Oni left her.  Disappearing into Ranma, another identical ward
showed up on his still female shoulder.  After lingering for a brief time
in his body, the Oni finally decided it was time to go away, and slipped
out the window, looking back as it went.

*	*	*	*	*

Cologne continued to tend her great granddaughter all night, and was
starting to fall asleep in her chair by the time Shampoo finally stirred.

"Great-granddaughter?" she asked.

Shampoo's eyes opened slowly, and she turned her attention to the elderly
woman.  "Yes, great grandmother?"

'Hmm,' Cologne thought, studying her great-grandchild's face.  'She's not
still hysterical, and she's also not her usual buoyant self.  Okay, she
remembers what happened yesterday, and she's not still in tears about it.'

"Why are you so upset, child?" she asked.

"Ranma," Shampoo sniffed, "Ranma dump Shampoo.  Pick Violent-Girl instead."

"I'm sorry, great-granddaughter," Cologne said, wrapping her up
comfortingly.  Inwardly, though, she chuckled a bit at how Shampoo was
still using Japanese to talk- they'd been in Tokyo so long that she no
longer used her native tongue instinctively, apparently.  "Tell me all
about it."

"Shampoo see Airen and Violent-Girl acting all nice-nice to each other, so
try to break them up... but Ranma not like hug, and yell at Shampoo, and
then Akane yell at Shampoo, and throw chi-blast at her."

Cologne's eyes widened.  'Since when has Akane had a chi blast?' she

"When Shampoo recover, she see Airen and Violent-Girl in battle, and still
have hope, but see Oni horns on head of Akane."  

With that, Cologne stopped listening as Shampoo described the fight and its
aftermath, instead thinking about that one statement.  'Oni horns...'

"...And now Shampoo lose Airen forever!" Shampoo finished with a wail.

Cologne completely ignored her, standing up and grabbing her staff.  "Come,
child.  We must prepare for battle."

Hope shone in the younger girls eyes.  "We go recover Airen now,
great-grandmother?" Shampoo asked, recovering from her tears.

"No," Cologne answered harshly.  "You remember what we were saying about
the Oni back on Toma's island?"  Shampoo shook her head.  "An Oni cannot
gain enough control over a person to make Akane react to Ranma the way she
was unless she had made a deal with it- and from the way you say he was
acting, Ranma knew of this arrangement as well.  Considering what I've
heard and seen of this Oni, making such a deal would be tantamount to
betraying humankind."

Shampoo was stunned.  "So... what Shampoo and Great-Grandmother going to

Cologne grimaced.  "Well, first, we're going to go demand some answers. 
And if those answers are what I think they'll be, those answers are likely
to result in some... heated arguments."

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