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This chapter and chapter 10 are being posted seperately because this
chapter is rated Lemon.  You DON'T need to read this chapter to continue
with the story.  If you DO continue reading this chapter, please make sure
you're legal and have no objections to lemons.  As always, enjoy.

Chapter 9

"So," Ranma said, trying to peer over Akane's shoulder, "Where are we

Akane closed the phone book, using a finger to make sure she kept her
place.  "It's a surprise," she said, sticking her tongue out at him. 
"You'll see when we get there."  She wasn't mad at him for trying to
eavesdrop- she was in too playful a mood.

Ranma, on the other hand, was getting frustrated.  She had already taken
all his money to pay for whatever it was they were going to do, and she
still hadn't even given him a clue of what she was planning.

"Can't you at least give me one hint?" he begged.

Akane giggled.  "Now why would I do that?  Don't worry- we'll both have
fun, trust me."  Opening the phone book again, she warned him, "Now, don't

Ranma sighed.  Acting as she was, he couldn't refuse her anything.  He just
hoped he wouldn't regret it later- who knew what Akane considered 'fun?' 
After all, she was always trying to get him to hit her while sparring, and
she also seemed to enjoy torturing- er, cooking for him.  Fortunately, her
school dress wasn't good to fight in, and they had brought their lunch with
them.  What WAS she planning?

"Ah, found one!" Akane cried happily, closing the phone book.  "Come on,
Ranma, follow me!"  Grabbing his hand, she led him off.

*	*	*	*	*

"Now where is it?" Akane said to herself, absently.  She was glancing from
door to door, looking at the signs.  Ranma was following behind, almost
being dragged by the hand.

"You know, if you were to tell me where it was we were going, I could help
you look for it," Ranma suggested.

"Hush, dear- you'll find out when we get there," Akane said absently.

Ranma probably would have tried to ask again, except for that little term
of endearment she used.  That one 'dear' totally silenced him.

A couple of minutes later, Akane spied what she was looking for.  "Ah,
there we go.  Come on, Ranma!"  With that, she jerked his hand to pull him
closer, and wrapped her arm tightly around his.  Ranma couldn't break free
from the hold if he wanted to- which he didn't.

When he finally saw what Akane was leading him towards, though, he froze
and gasped.  "That's a... a love hotel!"

"Uh-huh," she said, smiling hopefully.  "Ranma... I'm not sure about you,
but I think I'm ready.  I realized I was this morning, in the bath, but was
planning to wait until we got home."

Ranma was stunned.  "Why... why now, then?"

Akane fingered the pleat of her school dress nervously, staring at the
ground.  "Well... we've got a few hours without the Oni around, and I
thought....  Ranma, I want you to know that I'm not doing this just because
of that deal, and I want to know that you don't just want to do this just
for the deal, either."

Ranma hesitated.  This seemed to be very important to her, and to be honest
he wanted to know as well.  'Maybe she IS ready now... but I can't tell for
certain.  But whether she's ready or not, she'd be upset if I refused her
now... what do I do?'

Akane looked up with just her eyes.  "I'll understand if you aren't ready-
we can just eat in the park and go out to see a movie instead, but... I
really want this to happen."

Ranma looked at her standing there, playing with the hem of her skirt, head
down, eyes up, one leg hooked behind the other, and almost trembling as she
waited for an answer.  'Aw, man- how am I supposed to refuse that?' he

*	*	*	*	*

Akane and Ranma looked around the room after closing the door (and making
doubly sure it was locked).  There was a large bed, a night table, plush
carpeting, an empty closet with a number of coat hangers, a small
refrigerator, a microwave, a television with a built-in VCR, and a cabinet
full of assorted 'trinkets.'  Another door lead to the bathroom, where they
had been told a sink, western-style shower, and toilet were located.  On
one wall near the bed there was a control panel that apparently dimmed the

Akane, remembering that they only had two hours in the room, took Ranma's
and her bento boxes and stuck them in the fridge.  She moved on to the
cabinet, blushing briefly as she saw all the dildos, vibrators, and bondage
devices while looking for the contraceptives.  She pulled out a handful of
the complimentary condoms and tossed them onto the bed.

Ranma stared at them oddly.  It hit him for the first time exactly what it
was they were about to do, and that it might not be Akane but HIMSELF who
wasn't quite ready yet.  "Um... do you have any idea how we're supposed to
go about... this?"

Akane nodded slightly.  "I have a few ideas- I was talking with Iria in
Mythology class."  She glanced at the bed, and realized they weren't quite
ready to use those condoms yet.  "First, let's just take a shower," she
suggested, heading over to the closet and unbuttoning her blouse.

"A shower?"  Ranma could handle that- the baths they had taken together
were nice, and he was definitely ready for that level of intimacy.  When he
could bring himself to move again, he followed Akane and removed his shirt,
hanging it up beside the blouse and dress she had already removed.

Akane finished undressing, and walked over to the bathroom door, waiting
for him.  Soon, he followed, and headed on into the shower with her.

Ranma adjusted the water to his liking- and Akane made the temperature just
a little higher, grinning at him evilly as she did so.  "I want this to be
HOT, Ranma."

"Uh, right," he answered, checking to make certain Akane was in charge of
the beautiful female body in front of him and not Iria.  Reassured, he
reached for the soap, and started to build up a lather with it.  He set
down it down, and was about to start scrubbing when Akane reached over and
grabbed his wrists.

"Why don't you wash ME off?" she said.  Without waiting for his reply, she
pulled his hands over to her breasts and started moving them in circles,
letting his fingers run over her hardening nipples.

Once she was sure Ranma knew exactly what she wanted him to do, she grabbed
the soap herself, ignoring the tingling feeling that his hands were giving
her.  Once she had lathered herself up as well, she started soaping up his
chest.  "Start at the top, and work your way down," Akane breathed, looking
up into his eyes.  "Move with me, if you want."

All he could do was nod, and follow her instructions.  He continued to
massage Akane's breasts until she was satisfied with running her fingers
over his chest and moved down his stomach.

He followed her movements down her body.  She did not stay at his
midsection nearly as long, and steadily worked her way down to his hips. 
Slowly, she slid her hands together, meeting at his balls.

Ranma, mirroring her step for stop, managed to keep himself from freezing
until his hands also met, cupping them over her finely haired mound.

Actually, they both froze- Akane was unable to bring herself to do more
than gently caress him at the moment, and Ranma was in shock that he'd been
able to get that far without fainting- or at least without a nosebleed. 
They sat there, holding on to each other, paralyzed, as the painfully hot
water rained down upon them and washed away the suds.

Akane was able to collect herself first.  "Ranma," she said, her voice
trembling slightly.  She'd been trying to bring herself to say this since
they stepped into the shower stall together, and now she had bite the
bullet and actually say it.  "I... I want you to stick a finger inside me."

Ranma's jaw nearly dropped to the floor.  "Wh- what?" he stuttered.

Feeling a lot more confident after having said it once, Akane repeated
herself.  "I want you to stick a finger inside me.  You know what I'm
talking about- you're female sometimes.  Just DO it!"

And so Ranma did it.  With his index and ring finger, he slowly pried her
petals apart, and slid his middle finger all the way up to his knuckle. 
Probing around briefly, he discovered her hymen was long gone (not that
Ranma expected to find one- he'd torn his chasing Genma around Jusenkyo. 
It was probably the only thing that had saved his father's life that day)
before slowly rubbing his finger along the upper part of her tunnel.

Akane, for her part, was enjoying his attentions.  She'd been meaning to
return the favor to his manhood during this part, but found that she had to
use her hands to brace herself, steadying herself by gripping his
shoulders.  While this was... very pleasurable, Ranma was ignoring
something important.  She was about to correct him on that point when he
fixed the situation himself.

Ranma decided to match his thumb to his forefinger action, and so brought
it up to make little circles along Akane's clitoris.  She bit her lip to
cut off the whimper that almost escaped- she couldn't go around moaning
just yet, Ranma still needed to be told what to do.  Though he certainly
seemed to know what he was doing right then- he'd probably practiced on
himself before.

Akane took his free hand and moved it up to her breasts again,  hoping to
increase the tingling sensation which had been building in her body for
some time.  What Ranma was doing was little more than what she had done to
herself from time to time, in bed while fantasizing about him, or in the
bathroom when she could be certain of privacy.  However, just that it was
coming from HIM made it all that much more powerful.

Ranma was really getting into it, now.  He stepped closer, and spun Akane
around so he could press his body to hers as he brought her off, never
breaking contact once.  He could tell by how much she was straining to keep
from moaning that she was close, and he wanted to feel it as the ultimate
sensation rippled through her body.

Akane knew she was close, as well.  She grit her teeth, not wanting to lose
control just that moment, and dug her nails DEEP into Ranma's forearms in
front of her.  She could feel his member pressing against her back, but she
didn't care- the longer she could hold on, the better, and little details
like that would just distract her.  She struggled and struggled....

Ranma's lips to her neck finally did it for her.  Perhaps it was because
her pleasure senses were already heightened to their fullest, or perhaps it
was because the gentle sucking sensation was enough to convince her
subconscious deep down to the core that this was NOT a dream, and that it
really WAS Ranma fingering her off, but whatever it was she could not hold
it in any more.  She came....

And screamed.  Louder than either of them had imagined possible for her-
loud enough to actually hurt Ranma's ears.  But Akane didn't care- all of
her worries, all of her fears, all of her stress disappeared in that one
orgasm.  She sighed and nearly collapsed against Ranma, relying on him to
hold her up.  He withdrew his hand from her, and gently supported her.

The scream, however, had knocked Ranma completely out of his trance.  He
stared at her as he held her, wondering if this really was the Akane that
he knew and loved.  He was only just starting to realize that HE had sent
her into that state of coital bliss, and the whole situation scared him.

Less than a minute later, Akane was standing on her own, and Ranma had put
his arms down, uncertain of what to do next.  He wasn't in the mood any
more, his erection disappearing the second Akane started shouting.  "Well,"
she said, shutting off the water, "I think that's enough showering for one
day.  Let's head back to the bedroom, and I'll warm up your lunch for you. 
Then we can decide what else we want to do."

They left the bathroom, Ranma wrapping a towel around his waist.  Akane
didn't bother, and strolled over to the refrigerator while nude.  She
pulled out his bento box and opened it up.

"Well, looks like a bowl of udon- shouldn't take more than a minute or two
in the microwave."

Ranma thanked the gods that Akane had been studying with his mother since
she had moved in with them.  Already, she had succeeded in duplicating
her... somewhat edible curry, and could still boil water with the best of
them.  Recently, she had taken up using the microwave to reheat leftovers,
and had actually gotten pretty good at estimating how long a particular
dish would need to heat.

When it was done, she pulled out a pair of chopsticks and walked on over to
the bed.  Sitting down, she smiled at Ranma.  "Why don't you come over here
and I'll feed you."  As he approached, Akane took one of the items on top
of the noodles and readied it for him.

She held the fish sausage up with the chopsticks.  She knew what she was
about to do was EXTREMELY perverted, but who cared at this point?  She was
with her future husband and lover, and anything she could do to encourage
him would be worth it.

With that thought in her mind, she lay down and spread her legs as wide as
her excellent flexibility brought on by a lifetime of martial arts allowed.
 Using the hand which wasn't holding the fishcake in the chopsticks, she
spread her own vaginal lips open.  Using the chopsticks to help her push it
inside her, Akane slid the fish sausage up her love tunnel, and then
removed her hands.  She shuddered as it went up her passage, and it felt
very... weird... being held there, but she didn't care.  The pressure
crushed the sausage, but she still didn't care- it would just take Ranma
longer to clean it out of her... besides, putting it in had been a lot of
fun.  All she cared about was getting Ranma involved.

"Hungry?" she asked, smiling up at him.

Ranma nearly choked watching Akane with the fishcake.  When she made her
invitation, he wasn't quite sure what to do.  Part of him wanted to run- he
wasn't ready for ANY of this.  Another part of him wanted to faint, and yet
another part of him was wondering what had happened to the innocent little
Akane he knew.  When he'd collected himself, however, he ignored all of
those parts and knew exactly what to do- anything Akane said.

Ranma knelt down and placed his mouth on her vulva.  Tentatively, he gave
her nether region a soft lick.  Akane shuddered, anticipating more.  

Ranma gave her more.  Licking her again, deeper this time, he pulled out a
small piece of fishcake.  He quickly swallowed, and stuck his tongue back
inside her, searching for the rest.

Akane's head rolled back as he continued slurping the food from her crotch.
 His attentions weren't focused on it, but he was frequently bumping into
her clit, and every time he did a wave of feelings washed through her that
made her grit her teeth so that she wouldn't moan out loud.

Akane knew she was close again, but she couldn't let go.  She knew that, if
she did, she'd scream out like the last time, unable to hold onto her
control any more.  Screaming out would scare Ranma off, deflating him like
when they were in the shower.  Anyway, this time she wanted to come with
him.  She wrapped her legs around Ranma's body, squeezing in an attempt to
hold the sensations off.

When she felt the last crumb of fishcake leave her body, she knew she had
to do something if she wanted to bring Ranma to orgasm as well.  Picking up
her chopsticks again, Akane considered the bento box with the bowl of udon
she had set on the night table.  The udon itself showed only noodles,
liquid, and tempura, while the rest of the bento box held a few pickles and
some rice.  The rice was useless, and the tempura didn't look too
promising.  Coming to a decision, she picked up a couple of the thick
noodles and held them over her breasts.  The warm liquid that had been
carried with them dribbled over her nipples delightfully as she maneuvered
them into a spiraling design on her left breast.  She grabbed another few
noodles, again dribbling the juice over her nipples, and placed them onto
her right breast to match.  Setting down the chopsticks, she grabbed one of
the condoms she had tossed onto the bed earlier, and tore open the package.

"Ranma," she said, catching his attention.  "Do you want anything more to

Ranma looked up at the two mounds of noodles, then back down at her crotch,
then up to her face.  "But this tastes better," he whined.

Akane giggled at his answer, causing the noodles to slide around on her
breasts, smearing the soupy liquid that clung to them around the nipples. 
"Oh, come on, Ranma- you need to build up your strength, after all."

Almost reluctantly, Ranma abandoned his attentions and crawled up into the
bed with her, holding himself above her on his hands and knees.  He took
one end of a noodle resting on one of her breasts into his mouth, and

Akane almost gasped as it zipped around her nipple, stimulating her
further- though not quite as much as he had been when eating her out.  He
repeated himself with the rest of the sticky strands, and maneuvered every
noodle to go sliding across her aereolas deliciously.

As Ranma licked up the remaining broth from her tits, Akane realized it was
time to get him ready to move ahead to the next step, and pulled the condom
out of its packet.  Akane squirmed in ecstasy when Ranma lightly bit her
nipple, and considered asking him to play a little rougher in the future.

Bringing herself back to the task at hand, she ripped Ranma's towel off of
him and clumsily rolled the condom down his length.  Deciding to play the
food angle one last time, she picked up her chopsticks again and grabbed a
pickle from the tray.

Satisfied that Ranma had cleaned her breasts satisfactorily, Akane called
for his attention again.  "Ranma," she said, holding the pickle in front of
his eyes.  "Let's split this one."

Now knowing the drill, he followed the chopsticks as they took the morsel
and placed it halfway into her mouth.  Biting down to hold it, Akane tossed
the chopsticks away as Ranma moved in to receive his portion of the pickle
from her.  She grabbed his manhood as he slid over her, and guided him down
to her lower lips.

Ranma was too absorbed by what they were doing to question it, and let her
place his length inside her as he bent down and kissed her fiercely, biting
into his half of the pickle.

Akane reached around him and grabbed his butt, then pulled.  She returned
his kiss fiercely to keep from gasping as his entire length popped into her
at once.

Soon, they started moving together.  Ranma was pulling himself out slowly
before driving back in hard.  There lips were locked together, and Akane
brought her legs up to wrap them around his back.

Her breasts were rubbing against his chest, jiggling slightly.  Akane had
not noticed before, not even when she was soaping him up, but his skin was
gritted with the calluses brought about by his martial arts training and
rough to the touch.  That rough skin caught and pulled on her nipples as if
they were running over sandpaper.  It wouldn't be entirely pleasant by
itself, but with the passion-induced euphoria she was feeling it reminded
her of the little nips Ranma had delivered while licking away the udon

Akane was really grinding her teeth to keep from losing control by that
point.  Desperate, she dug her fingernails into Ranma's back and bit down
on his shoulder hard enough to draw blood.  She had to wait for him, but
she could barely hold on.  Ranma had to finish up quickly.

"A-akane... I'm not sure how to tell you this, but..." Ranma began, voice

"Finally!" she almost shouted, knowing what he was trying to say.  "I've
been waiting for you!"

Ranma was a little unnerved by that statement, but was too far gone to say
anything else.  With a lone grunt, he let go his seed.

"Oh... oh god... oh woOOAH!  YAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh!" Akane finally
let go and shrieked, digging her nails even deeper into Ranma's back.  He,
on the other hand, continued filling the condom, grateful for the release. 
Finally empty, he collapsed against her, no longer able to support himself.

Akane would have been caught up in the lethargy, too, if she could breathe.
 However, with her mouth and nose covered by his shoulder, she found
herself struggling underneath him.  Ranma soon realized her distress and
rolled off of her, pulling out with a 'pop.'

"That was... a LOT better than the last one," Akane gasped.  Leaning over,
she kissed him.  "Thank you, Ranma.  I love you... love you lots."

He smiled slightly.  "Heh... after that, I find it very easy to believe
you."  He reached over and kissed her, too.  "And I hope you realize that I
love you, too.  It's hard to say, sometimes, but it's how I feel."

Akane beamed at him, and returned the kiss.  They started necking for a
little while, and she began to wonder if she might want to grab another of
the condoms when she noticed the clock over his shoulder.

"Ranma," she gasped.  He kissed her again, and Akane pushed him away
slightly.  "Ranma, we don't have much time left, and I'm feeling awfully
sticky, despite the excellent job you did cleaning me," she grinned.  "We
should probably take another shower before we go."

It took him a few seconds to realize what she was saying, but when he did
he sat up and nodded.  "Sure thing."  He nodded to the condom in her hand. 
"I'll take a rain check, okay?"

Akane blinked- she hadn't even been aware that she had grabbed another one
until he pointed it out.

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