Subject: Re: Ok, this one is Chapter Four.
From: Mike A Lyons
Date: 8/31/1995, 5:38 PM
To: White Wolf

On Thu, 31 Aug 1995, White Wolf wrote:

I don't understand why you have Ranma^H^Hko cry at the end.  While I can 
certainly agree with fainting, there doesn't seem to be any reason for 
him^H^Her to cry...

It does seem mildly out of character when you are thinking of the typical
day-to-day macho Ranma, but if you take it in context it starts to make
more sense. 

This is hardly a normal everyday situation for anyone, Ranma or otherwise,
and he has lost control in the past (recall how he burst into tears after
being kissed by Mikado).  Hmm.  FWIW, I thought _that_ was mildly
out of character, too..  can anyone who knows a lot more about Ranma than
I do (just about anyone, likely) confirm or refute that he is more prone
to tears when in his female form? 

It was a pretty touching scene in any event, and an occasional break from
the usual slap-stick is refreshing.