Subject: Re: Nodoka's attitude.
From: Hitomi Ichinohei
Date: 8/31/1995, 9:11 PM

On Thu, 31 Aug 1995, Joseph David wrote:

The Japanese honor... it is probably one of the most fascinating
aspects of the Japanese culture that I admire most.  At least, in this

Try living by it.  It harder than you can imagine.  If your school marks 
are too low...

case, Genma did a good job with Ranma.  (If only he didn't teach him
the other stuff like stealing, cheating, ..., Ranma would've been a
better person.)

Ranma does not like stealing, cheating, or doing anything that is 
dishonourable.  He and his father argue about it all the time.  Of 
course, with the new story line...

Sorry, about this one.  I kind of gotten carried away with the Ranma
Mailing List that I forgot I was in the fanfic list.  Thanks for the

No problem.

Hope to converse with you again soon.

Anytime when I can help.

Ichinohei Hitomi