Subject: Re: AMG Fanfic teaserm (Silliness)
From: Damon Jason Casale
Date: 8/30/1995, 1:42 PM

Excerpts from mail: 30-Aug-95 AMG Fanfic teaserm (Silliness) by Ed 
     "Sounds good Urd.  I will try to contact my friend The
Doctor.  He has experience with these type of things."  
     "Who?"  Asks Urd.
     "That's right" replies Skuld.
*    *    *    *    *    *    *
     Well friends this a short silly story idea I had yesterday,
and just had to write down and post.  If you would like more
please send me ideas.  Note: This story should not be taken in
anyway as serious and does not reflect reality.  All characters,
situations, products, and facts that resemble any living or
historical person, place, or thing is purely chance.

Moremoremoremoremore!!!  :)  Never seen AMG, but a certain question-marked,
happily grinning, TARDIS hopping character has sparked my curiosity.  And
why not?  It's the real McCoy!!  *GriN*

Damon Casale,

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