Subject: AMG Fanfic teaserm (Silliness)
From: (Ed Sharpe)
Date: 8/30/1995, 1:30 PM

                        Skuld 95


     Skuld's scream shattered the tranquility of the temple
grounds, knocking off all the blossoms of the cherry tree, and
losing the tiles of the roof.

     "What's the matter Skuld?"  Asks Belldandy and Urd in unison
as they burst into the living room.

     Skuld looking up at he two sisters points towards the T.V.. 
"Can't you see?"

     Belldandy and Urd turn their attention towards the T.V. 
"It's only Gill Bats announcing the arrival of Windows 69. 
What's the big deal?"  Asks Urd.

     "Here put these glasses on."  Skuld commands her sisters as
she hands each of them a pair of sun glasses.  "Now look at the
T.V., What do you see?"

     "My goddess!"  Exclaims Belldandy, "that's Mara disguised as
Gill Bats!  What is she up to?"

     "Not only that big sister, look at all of the Yggdrasil bugs
streaming out of the Windows 69 packages!"  Skuld points out to
her sisters.  Whipping out her trustworthily Babbage calculator
she begins to ferociously punch in numbers.  After minute of
frantic activity, Skuld pauses, lets out a sigh, and sits there
in silence.

     With concern and worry on her face Belldandy asks "What's
the matter Skuld?"

     Letting out another sigh, Skuld tells her sisters the
results of her calculations.  "I do not know what Mara is trying
to accomplish, but I do not think see knows what she has done. 
According to my calculations, Mara has introduced enough chaos in
to the universe that entropy has taken over.  What I am saying is
that universe is no longer expanding but it is collapsing in on
it's self.  In fact the collapse is accelerating in a geometric
fashion.  I calculate that we have about 90 days before the
collapse is complete."

     "Keiichi-san!"  Belldandy yells as she runs out of the room,
looking for Keiichi.

     "Urd, what are we going to do?"  Ask Skuld.

     "I don't know.  I will summon Godzilla to destroy Mount-Red
(where Gill Bats company is located).  Maybe That will slow down
the acceleration of the collapse and buy us some time to figure
out what to do."  Answers Urd.

     "Sounds good Urd.  I will try to contact my friend The
Doctor.  He has experience with these type of things."  

     "Who?"  Asks Urd.

     "That's right" replies Skuld.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

     Well friends this a short silly story idea I had yesterday,
and just had to write down and post.  If you would like more
please send me ideas.  Note: This story should not be taken in
anyway as serious and does not reflect reality.  All characters,
situations, products, and facts that resemble any living or
historical person, place, or thing is purely chance.