Subject: Re: Nodoka's attitude.
From: (Joseph David)
Date: 8/26/1995, 1:53 PM

On Fri, 25 Aug 1995, Joseph David wrote:

Nodoka being traditional and all, would it still be fair to hold Ranma
to the "contract?"

Unfortunately yes.

That would explain why Ranma is scared enough to at times completely
"avoid" his mother.

The contract, no matter how it was done, is still viewed as valid.  
Precident for this was set many centuries ago in the Samurai courts and 
the family of the Shogun.  Although There are many different things that 
may be considered in the contract, there is no escaping the fact that it 
was signed.  If there is a way to get arround the wording of the 
contract, it would have to be in a spiritual sense.

Could you please define what you mean by spiritual sense?  I am afraid
that my ignorance of the culture of Japan may just make this
discussion seem longer than it should, but I have to know! ^_^

The reason I ask this is that Genma plays with words and manipulates
situations so that the blame goes on someone else (like Ranma).  Take

True, but it is still valid for both of them.

for example, Ranma's engagement to Ukyou.  Ranma was asked (from what
I read from previous posts and from the synopses) which he liked
better, Ucchan or okonomiyaki.  I don't see Genma really explaining

Since Ranma knew Ukyou for a while, and Ukyou was the one who said she 
wanted Ranma as her husband, Genma would have assumed that Ranma had 
known Ukyous actual sex.  He probably did not find out until later than 
Ranma had no idea.  He manipulated the situation, but the blame is still 

I knew I was right at some point.  Genma is to blame in this one!!

the situation to Ranma.  That and the fact that Ranma was only 5-6
years old.  The same can be said with the Nodoka situation.  Ranma was
only five years old and I don't remember ever reading the fact that
what he was "signing" was a contract.  (The way I see it is that Ranma
was only doodling on the contract.  He didn't know what it means.)

It would not matter if he knew or not.  Once a contract of honour is 
signed, it must be carried out.  No matter the consequences be it 
personal or perfessional.

Ouch!  Like I stated before, no wonder Ranma "hides" from his mother.

In Ranma's case, it is obvious that it was just ignorance (simply
because he was a child of five).  Perhaps Ranma was naive, but that is
excusable - he is a child after all.

It would not be.

Ichinohei Hitomi

Anyhow, other than those comments and the question I made, I heard
that Ranma was found out by his mother.  This is not just directed to
you Hitomi-san (Hope you don't mind..)

Can anyone give the synopses of what happened when Nodoka finally
discovered Ranma's secret?

Please correct me if what I heard is inaccurate.

Thank you!!

Ja ne!

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