Subject: Re: Something else!
From: (Joseph David)
Date: 8/25/1995, 12:47 PM

Is Ranma all there is to the fanfic mailing list?  Don't people write
other fanfics?

Which reminds me.  I have a story that needs an anime to fanfic.  (in other
words, I'd like to see it made, but I wouldn't know where to start/who to
ask, whatever)  Anyone interested in prereading it?

Damon Casale,

* Maison Ikkoku * Kyoko Otonashi * Video Girl Ai * Amano Ai *
              * Blue Lightning * Kerin Gray *
Blue Lightning forever...Kerin, are you out there?

I think that the maintainer of the mailing list wants all kinds of
fanfic.  I think that the maintainer only suggested Ranma simply
because it is one of the most popular series to create a fanfic in.  I
mean the maintainer would at least want some traffic in the mailing
list.  After all, who would want a mailing list with traffic next to
almost nil?

Someone correct me on this, please.

Ja ne!

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