Subject: Re: Something else!
From: Damon Jason Casale
Date: 8/25/1995, 1:17 AM

Excerpts from mail: 25-Aug-95 Re: Something else! by White 
Is Ranma all there is to the fanfic mailing list?  Don't people write
other fanfics?
Hell no, and Hell yes.  But Ranma is the most popular fanfic choice 

I've noticed.  That's what seems to make for the most traffic on .stories.

Which reminds me.  I have a story that needs an anime to fanfic.  (in
other words, I'd like to see it made, but I wouldn't know where to
start/who to ask, whatever)  Anyone interested in prereading it?
Post man post!  That's what we're here for!

You mean, post the whole, 50k thing to the mailing list?  Isn't that a bit
of overkill?

Damon Casale,

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