Subject: Re: Nodoka's attitude.
From: Harvey Torrance Griffin
Date: 8/25/1995, 1:37 PM

On Thu, 24 Aug 1995, White Wolf wrote:
Ok, question.  Would Nodoka make Ranma kill himself or not?  I'm going to
write a fanfic where Nodoka finds out about Ranma, and I need your
opinions.  Hm.  Make that, *try* to make him commit seppeku.  I'd never 
let him actually do it.
	I personally doubt it, concidering the fact that his "lack" of 
_physical_ manliness was due to an unfortunate accedent rather than any 
failing in his upbringing (his personality, if anything, is _overly_ 
"macho").  Hitomi's right though, assuming Ranma does not plead for his 
life, Genma _will_ die when Nodoka finds out how they got cursed.

Second question.  Which of Ranma's fiancees would Nodoka want him to marry?
	Now that would be a tough one, Nodoka would definitely feel honor 
bound to acknowledge both Ukyo and Akane as Izanuske (sp? I _know_ I blew 
that one), and may consider Shampoo as well once she learns of her (for 
no better reason than saving her own skin from the kid's wrath), in all 
honesty, I don't know.