Subject: Re: Nodoka's attitude.
From: "Ben M. Williamson" <>
Date: 8/25/1995, 2:34 PM

<stuff about tradition and ranma being considered female snipped>

okay... ukyou is considered a guy... that I can accept.
what would nodoka (or anyone else) think if ranma decided to consider
him/her/themself a woman.  THEN ukyou and ranma could get married =)!

or did i overlook something?

5)  Ukyou's engagement is valid but unusual.  Add to the fact that she is 
    legally male and Nodoka may have a problem with that.  While 
    homosexuality is accepted in Japan as is Transvestism and Transexualism, 
    it is still a legal questionability that is going on.

Ichinohei Hitomi