Subject: Re: Nodoka's attitude.
From: (Joseph David)
Date: 8/25/1995, 12:43 PM

On Thu, 24 Aug 1995, Hitomi Ichinohei wrote:

Second question.  Which of Ranma's fiancees would Nodoka want him to marry?

1)  Kodachi would not be considered period.
2)  Shampoo would not be considered period.
3)  The agreement between the Tendo's and the Saotomes would take 
    precidence by tradition.
4)  She only knows of Akane.
5)  Ukyou's engagement is valid but unusual.  Add to the fact that she is 
    legally male and Nodoka may have a problem with that.  While 
    homosexuality is accepted in Japan as is Transvestism and Transexualism, 
    it is still a legal questionability that is going on.

Good.  That was my thought too.

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Nodoka being traditional and all, would it still be fair to hold Ranma
to the "contract?"

The reason I ask this is that Genma plays with words and manipulates
situations so that the blame goes on someone else (like Ranma).  Take
for example, Ranma's engagement to Ukyou.  Ranma was asked (from what
I read from previous posts and from the synopses) which he liked
better, Ucchan or okonomiyaki.  I don't see Genma really explaining
the situation to Ranma.  That and the fact that Ranma was only 5-6
years old.  The same can be said with the Nodoka situation.  Ranma was
only five years old and I don't remember ever reading the fact that
what he was "signing" was a contract.  (The way I see it is that Ranma
was only doodling on the contract.  He didn't know what it means.)

In Ranma's case, it is obvious that it was just ignorance (simply
because he was a child of five).  Perhaps Ranma was naive, but that is
excusable - he is a child after all.

I agree with basically what is stated above and that is how I figured
it as well.  But I had to ask the question above as well just to be

Any thoughts?

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