Subject: Ranma Vs. The Power Rangers
From: Philip Chau
Date: 8/25/1995, 3:22 PM

Yeah!  Here it is the fanfic you have all been waiting for!
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            Ranma vs. the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: 
                  The menace of Nerima, Tokyo 

Author's Notes:     
     Before I start this story, I bet some of you are thinking
that I have to be insane to write this crazy story, about the
lame teenage fighters, the Power Rangers against a really cool
group of Japanese martial artists.  But to tell you the truth
about me... I really am insane.  Any comments of this story
please send to psychot@islandnet.Com. or  For
clarity I am a fan of Ranma 1/2, and I despise Power Rangers.  
Editor's Notes:
     Okay folks this has got to be one of the better Ranma fanfics 
of the year.  Forgive the author and I for the grammatical errors
that may occur through out the series.  If your one of those
poor people who like Power Rangers, tough luck, write your own
fanfic.  Oh yeah, before I forget, Ranma and other assocated 
characters are copyrighted by Rumiko Takahasi (yeah!) and
the Power Rangers are copyrighted by Bandai.  Okay we did all  
the legal stuff, so you can't sue us (Nay, nay!)  Let's get
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Chapter 1: The Small Plan

     A group of american teenagers had their everyday meeting at
their high school, Angel Grove.  They had their normally
pointless dicussions that nobody but them would be interested in. 
     One of the teenagers, named Billy was having a discussion to
     "I just started my own BBS I call it Billy's Really Nifty
Board." ,Billy explained to his not as bright friend Rocky.
     "Yeah, whatever you say, you know I being thinking being a
Power Ranger is the best thing in the world, despite all injuries
I've received these last few weeks," Rocky said.
     Then a voice suddenly yelled, "You are needed Power Rangers,
you are needed to free a city from a reign of terror!"  The voice
was apparently Tommy the leader of the Power Rangers.
     At the super secret Power Ranger headquarters, six teenagers
gathered there as usual.  
     "The region of Tokyo known as Nerima has been the sight of
madness and insanity for long time now.  Apparently all of this
madness has been centered around someone known as Ranma Saotome. 
Ranma and his associates have long been causing havoc in Nerima,
Tokyo.  We are being paid good money for this, we need the money
after what Ivan Ooze did."
     "We're going to Japan?" Adam asked.
     "Well it looks like I have to install the translators in are
suits, but of course I already already know japanese!" Billy said
prowdly as he was gathering his inventions together.
     The Power Rangers started thinking of a strategy for their
upcoming battle, of course they have always used the same
strategy most of the time, which was to rush blindly into battle,
and catch them in suprise, then start to lose, then coming back, 
finally defeating the enemy.  Tommy who was the leader of the group
thought that at least it was good that their headquarters were

     Ryoga Hibiki was on his way to find the Tendo Dojo to see
his love Akane Tendo.  But he then noticed that were he was, was
somewhere totally unrecognizable.  Of course Ryoga never
recognized any place that he went to.  Then again after looking
around Ryoga noticed a robot.
     "Ayiyi!" the robot looked at Ryoga.
     Walking into the Power Rangers headquarters was apparently a
teenager about 16 years old, he wore a yellow shirt and a yellow
bandanna, and despite his slim biuld he was still well built.  He
stranger spoke a few words in japanese at the Power Rangers.  
     "This is my oppurtunity to use my translators!" Billy
expressed as he was turning his device on.
     "Could you tell me where the Tendo Dojo is?" Ryoga asked,
despite the fact he knew that these people around him didn't
speak Japanese.  Ryoga drew out his map hoping that these people
around him might tell his the directions to the Tendo Dojo.
     "Let me see that map," Kimberly said through the translator.
     "Apparently this is Nerima, Tokyo, that's a long distance
from here," Billy explained to the stranger in japanese with no
translator on, "How about we teleport you there."
     "Teleport?" Ryoga asked.
     The teleportation system was activated engulfing the
stranger in a blue field of energy, sending the stranger out the
     "Well, now that, that is over lets get to business!" Tommy
who was unofficially the leader the group, walked towards the
tactical computers.
     "Are plan is to first attack the associates of this Ranma
Saotome, we will strike at this restaurant, Neko-Hanten," Billy
pointed at the screen, "Something tells me this fight isn't gonna
go as our prevoius battles." 
     Well if today wasn't better day.  With an upcoming school
trip to Japan; I find out we are going in a special trip on a
mission there, before our school trip.  Not even I know what to 
expect out of some japanese students, like the time Angel Grove was
visited by Tombiki High.  Most of the students there were normal
except for a select few.  Well it seems like this Ranma Saotome
I'm supposed to fight would be like one of them.  This is an odd
mission in the fact that we are being hired, but we need the
money to repair our base.  Another thing that is odd about this
mission is that our opponents are human, well they have to be
handled differently from Lord Zed's minions.  
     I really don't near where I've been this week.  Where I was
people were speaking what I think was English.  Well the
strangest thing I came across was these weird people, and a
machine, apparently a robot with a trashcan lid for a head.  I
never thought I'd make it back to Japan but somehow I did.  Now I
must try to find Akane-san, she must miss me a lot.

Chapter 2: The Assault at Neko-Hanten
                    Day 1
     Skull and Bulk were two teenagers that went to the same high
school as the Power Rangers, somehow the two managed to go to a
location the Power Rangers teleported to.
     "Where are we? Hey is this Japan?" Bulk looked around
wondering where he was.  A group of people stared at the two.
     "Konichi-wa!" Bulk said to the group.
The crowd answered back with, "Konichi-iwa" then walked in the
direction completely opposite of the two.
     "Hey I'm like speaking Japanese!" Bulk who was quite excited
that he said one word of Japanese.
     Shampoo the chinese amazon, went to the storage room near
the back of Heko-Hanten,to get more ramen noodles. 
Today was a busy day Neko-Hanten, of course Shampoo would have
worked harder if Mousse wasn't nearby.  The half-blind man was
constantly annoying her this day.  She grabbed the noodles and
went right to kitchen.  Shampoo frowned as soon as she saw, the
blind-man Mousse standing right over there.
     "Shampoo! Why won't you go out with me?" the one sentence
that Mousse usually said to Shampoo.
     "Shampoo very busy, now get back to work." Shampoo put the
ramen noodles into the already boiling water.
     Mousse thought that maybe Shampoo might accept him, it was
always Mousse' dream (and destiny as he thought) to be the one
that marries Shampoo.  But unfortunately Shampoo never listened
to Mousse and always beated on him.  Mousse went back to his
tiring job of cleaning the kitchen.  Mousse did all these chores
that Shampoo's great-grandmother Cologne did in the hope that,
one day, just one day, he would win Shampoo's heart.
     Shampoo was finshed in making soup and walked out of the
kitchen to serve the meal to the customers.  She heard a few
voices outside heading to the door.  Must be some some more
customers she thought.  The wall and the door was suddenly blast
open by some kind of energy, creating a rubble and some smoke
around the area.  The customers at the restaurant fled and ran
away in different directions to get away form whatever blew up
the wall.  
     Six figures appeared in the smoke, the figures
emerged, revealing their tight spandex clothing, and there round
helmets with black visors.  The six intruders each carried
weapons and their uniforms were black, red, yellow, blue, pink
and white.
     "We're the Power Rangers were here to clean up this town and
your messing this place up!" Tommy the white Ranger advance
holding his sword in front of him.  The target was a woman with
big eyes and long purple hair, she wore chinese style clothing
and did not look at them with fear.  She picked up two weapons
form behind her, they were bonbori, two weighted balls about the
size of a regular beach ball mounted on sticks.  
     "No strange people attack Shampoo! Shampoo will kill you
now!" Shampoo jumped high into the air, the white ranger
predictably responded by sticking his sword upt to parry.  The
sword parried the maces which Shampoo expected, then landed about
two meters away from the white Ranger and put her weapons in a
ready position.  
     "Surrender now and we don't have to hurt you," the White
Ranger got his sword ready, "If that what you wanted, then very
well."  The white Ranger charged at Shampoo with his sword,
Shampoo quickly shifted position with her leg out.  The White
Ranger then feel right over Shampoo's leg, straight into the
ground.  Shampoo jumped into the air again right over energy
shots fired from various weapons, and went right for the red
ranger, she smashed the Red Ranger on the side of the head with
her mace.  The force of the blow sent the Red Ranger falling down
onto a table which broke.  The Yellow Ranger was next in line
Shampoo charged at her with the bonbori sending the Yellow Ranger
backwards, Shampoo then followed with an upward flying kick.  The
Red, White, and Yellow Rangers were down, disabled temporarily.
     "Hey you can't do that!" the Pink Ranger quickly perform a
flip, followed by a cartwheel then a flying kick.  The kick
knocked Shampoo down on her back, "Yeah!!  Take that!  Were the 
Power Rangers and your gonna be mince meat!", the Pink Ranger 
leveled her bow at Shampoo.
     "SHAMPOO!! I'll save you!!!" Mousse heard the commotion
from the kitchen, and ran outside.  Mousse charged in trying to
get Shampoo out of the way of her attackers.  
     "Shampoo are you alright?!" Mousse said hugging the person
he thought was Shampoo.
     "WHO'S shampoo!" the Pink Ranger Kimberly kneed Mousse in
the face, the Pink Ranger's bow was no longer pointed at Shampoo. 
Shampoo saw this as an opening to an attack and smashed the Pink
Ranger form the left of her head then crushed the right side of
her helmet into her face.  Kimberly was on the ground unconscious
her helmet had fallen apart and she was bleeding from the attack
that Shampoo did.
     "You no can beat Shampoo, or else Shampoo hunt you down to
ends of earth."

     The second target wore long white robes, with pants
underneath, has long black hair and wore glasses which were of a
very high perscription.  The Black Ranger jumped with his axe
raised up high and the Blue Ranger stood back and fired his two
guns at Shampoo.  Mousse, this time with his glasses on threw six
weighted chains at the Black Ranger entangling him and pulling
him to the ground.  Shampoo ducked the shots fired at her and ran
right beside the Blue Ranger and struck the Blue Ranger in the
ribs sending him into a wall.  
     "How can she move that fast!" Tommy thought.  The Yellow,
Red, and White Rangers stood up, the three of fired four energy
beams from their weapons.  One struck Mousse in the chest having
him fall into a table and releasing the hold on his chains.  The
three other beams sent Shampoo into the wall.  Resisting the pain
Shampoo got into combat stance, and Mousse stood up pulling out
eighteen throwing blades from his sleeves.  The Blue Ranger
pulled himself out of the rubble of the wall he was knocked into,
the Black Ranger untangled himself from mess of chains.
     "Now you ask for it! Were gonna get you guys now!" the Red
Ranger pointed his weapons at the two.  The Power Rangers pulled
out their pistol swords and fired.  Shampoo and Mousse were sent
back into the rubble by the blast of the multicolour weapons.  As
eighteen blades embedded themselves in the five remaining Power
Ranger.  The five of them lay on the ground, writhing in pain
while bleeding on the ground.  Rocky got up pulling the blades
out of his body.  
     "Do you think they're unconscious?" the Red Ranger asked.
     "I think they are, no one could have stood up to those
blasts," the Yellow Ranger walked towards Shampoo and Mousse,
"C'mon it's okay."
     The Black Ranger picked up Shampoo and Mousse onto his
shoulders, suddenly he was caught by surprise and kneed in
stomach, lungs, and groin, falling straight on his back.  Shampoo
and Mousse stood up on the fallen Rangers resisting all the pain
inflicted on them from the shots.  Shampoo jumped off the Black
Ranger performed a flip in the with her bonbori slamming the two
weapons on both sides of the Red Rangers neck.  The Red Rangers
helmet was nearly broken by the attack, but it wasn't much of
concern, because Shampoo landed on she pounded her maces on the
Red Ranger breaking many of his bones.  Mousse pulled all of his
hidden weapons into a ready position.
     "PREPARE TO DIE all of you, for what you did to Shampoo,
TAKA-ZUME-KEN" Mousse jumped high up into the air, wearing his
shoes with hooked blades.  
     "Um, Billy..." Adam the Black Ranger looked up. 
     Mousse landed right in between the Blue and Black Rangers,
the blades on his shoes sliced their arms and shoulders up.  The
two Power Rangers screamed in pain on the floor of Neko-Hanten. 
Mousse pulled out a naginata, a spear with a curved blade, and
thrusted the weapon in rapid sucession at the Yellow Ranger.  The
Yellow parried most of the spear thrusts with her two daggers,
but some of the attacks penetrated her defences. 
     Aisha backed away from the frustated Mousse, the White
Ranger stepped into the melee to intercept Mousse, and the Black
Ranger found enough strength to stand up from the pain in his
arm.  Mousse threw a chain with a grappling hook attached at the
Black Ranger, while with holding off the other two Rangers with a
     "HA! you missed me!" the chain missed the Black Ranger by a
few centimeters.  Mousse responded by puling the chain back which
brought along a part  of the wall it hit, with it.  The Black
Ranger was knocked forward, as Mousse slashed the White Ranger. 
The Yellow Ranger stabbed her two Daggers into Mousse' arm. 
Mousse pulled out a saw bladed sword.  The White and Yellow
Rangers struck many blows at Mousse, but Mousse parried each
attack with the two swords he was using.  
     Shampoo ceased pounding the Red Ranger who was in no
condition to fight.  The Blue Ranger stood in front of Shampoo
pointing his gun with his uninjured arm at Shampoo.  Billy fired
three direct shots at Shampoo with his gun on stun.
     "Drop the weapons," ordered the Blue Ranger, "This could
kill you at this range."  The Blue Ranger set the saber-pistol on 
hurtreallybadlymode instead of stun.  Shampoo lay there on the
ground apparently unconscious.
     The White Ranger managed to get a kick in through Mousse'
defenses, after Mousse' weapons were parried out of the way by
the Yellow Ranger's daggers.  The kick knocked Mousse back;
Mousse staggering to breathe, grabbed ever weapon he could in his
     "SHAMPOO!!... What did you to my beautifel Shampoo!! PREPARE
TO DIE!! I will get you for what you did to my love!"
     "Uhhh.... I think he's really mad.", said the Yellow Ranger.
Mousse charged at the two Power Rangers he was fighting.  Mousse
swung every weapon he had in his two hands at the two.
     "Why don't you worry about yourself!" Tommy said.
     The White and Yellow Ranger did their best to parry the
relentless attacks form Mousse.  The Yellow Ranger was
overwhelmed by the attack having too many weapons to parry.  She
lay on the ground from various wounds inflicted by swords,
knives, maces, spears, scythes, sickles and chains.  The White
Ranger was left standing, he did a quick sword swipe at Mousse
cutting his chest.
     "Now you asked for it!" Mousse yelled.  Mousse pulled out from
behind a large wooden swan toy.
     "What's that supposed to do?" the White Ranger asked "A
wooden swan toy and I'm supposed be scared, Ha Ha!"
     "HAKUCHOU-KEN!" Mousse slammed the wooden swan toy forward,
breaking the White Ranger's helmet.  The Yellow Rnger despite the
many wounds she received stood up with her two daggers ready. 
The Black Ranger, Rocky raised his axe walking towards Mousse.
     "Now we got You!" the Black Ranger said.
     "How's it going guys?" Bill the Blue Ranger looked the other
way for one second.
     "HIYAA!!!" Shampoo jumped kick the Blue Ranger, elbowed him
in the lungs, the Blue Ranger pulled down on the trigger. 
Shampoo grabbed the Blue Rangers arm with the gun.  The Blue
Ranger's arm was pointed directly at the Black Ranger.  
     "Oh no! I'll kill them, saber-pistol set on stun!" Billy had
a voice activated switch on his pistol.  The Black Ranger took
three shots to his back, Shampoo then positioned the Blue
Ranger's arm at the Yellow Ranger, having Billy shoot her down.
     "I need THUNDERZORD power n--*" the White ranger was hit
four times by a blue beam from Billy's gun that Shampoo pointed
at him.  Shampoo then kicked right at Billy's chin sending him
flying through the roof.  The Blue Ranger fell painfully on the
road outside of Neko-Hanten.  Billy had enough strength to fire
seven wild shots into the restuarant.  One of the shots blew up a
waterpipe, the cold water from the pipe drenched both Shampoo and
     "ALPHA GET US OUT OF HERE!!" The Blue Ranger and all of the
Power Rangers were engulf in electric fields.
     Shampoo and Mousse were in completely different situation,
some time of go both of them fell into the cursed springs of
Jusenkyo, they were cursed into having cold water turn Shampoo
into a cat, and Mousse into a duck.
     The duck flew into the kitchen, which was undamaged from the
fight.  Mousse grabbed onto the lid of a tea kettle with his duck
legs, dropping the lid beside the kettle, Mousse dropped into the
kettle.  The hot water form the kettle turned Mousse back into a
human, Mousse quickly ran to the pile of clothes left on the
ground when he was splashed.  After shutting the pipe off Mousse
grabbed the kettle, and found where Shampoo the cat was.  
     "Hey did you see that, a NAKED CHICK, hey Skull are you
watching!!" Bulk looked though a newly made hole in the wall of
     "WHOA she's cute!" this was actually the first time that
Skull, and Bulk as well have seen a naked woman.  
     "Just remember I SAW HER FIRST!" Bulk stared in awe at
Shampoo who was putting her clothes on.
     The two walked into the area where the battle took place the
eating area of the resturant was badly damaged.  On the ground
was the bits of the Pink and White Rangers helmets.
     "What's this?" Skull picked up a device with earphones and a
microphone, Skull put it on.
     "Hey Bulk what is this?" Skull spoke through the microphone
on the device, Bulk grabbed the device left from the other
helmet.  Shampoo heard a voice in the the wreckage of the battle,
might be friends of those strange people Shampoo thought.
     "You want to fight Shampoo?" Shampoo saw two strangers
checking the area where the battle took place, Mousse folowed
Shampoo into the scene of the battle.
     "Hey we can understand what she's saying, Skull!" Bulk said
to his partner Skull, "These must be translators!"
     "Hey babe, why don't you go out with a man like me!" Skull
was excited now that the blue haired woman could understand him.  
     "HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT TO SHAMPOO!!" Mousse charged at Bulk
beating him to the ground.
     "Wrong man you fool, now how about going out with a real man
and not your pathetic boyfriend!" Skull stood there smiling. 
Shampoo grabbed Skull's shirt, pulled him forward and sent him
far up into the air with an uppercut.
     My mission didn't quite go as planned.  I don't know how we
got beatened by a chinese amazon and a myopic man (I checked the
files on them).  Well to tell you one thing it wasn't my fault
that we lost.  Sure she pointed my gun at them while I pulling on
the trigger.  But it wasn't my fault I tell you, it wasn't.
     A crisis most horrible happened today.  My love, my
iizazuke, my Shampoo-chan was attacked by six hooligans wearing
spandex.  While doing my important role at Neko-Hanten, I came
charging in and pushed her out of the way of danger.  After that
using my many techniques from my art to crush the pathetic
cowards.  But it was unfortunate that the cowards escaped.
     Whoa today was a cool day we both followed the Power Rangers
straight to Japan, we got to speak some of their langauge.  And
then after seeing the Power Rangers get their butts kicked (one
of the Power Rangers looks like Kimberly, yeah but kimberly a
Power Ranger, Yeah Right!), we saw this NAKED CHICK and whoa was
she cute.  Yeah but after seeing her and the dweeb kick the Power
Rangers butts, I bet we could kick the Power Rangers butts, if we
really tried. 
     Three hours after the incident at Neko-Hanten, Shampoo who
was unsure what to do after the battle ran over to the Tendo
Dojo, to see Ranma.  Her great-grandmother Cologne definately
wanted find out what happened at her restaurant, so she followed
Shampoo to the Dojo.  
     "So I see they trashed restaurant, well the insurance will
pay." Nabiki said, after listening to Shampoo explain her story
to Ranma.
     "It seems obvious, they will strike again," Genma was also
listening to the conversation along with Akane and SOun.
     "Did they tell what they were after you for?" Ranma asked.
     "These mysterious attackers can be none other than, the
minions of Zordon." Cologne pushed her self up.
     "Zordon? Who's Zordon?" Ranma looked confused.
     "Zordon is this malevolent entity who has strived for the
dominion of the world for many years, he has struggled with
others such as Zed, Rita Repulsa, and Ivan Ooze for control of
our world.  Over the time Zordon has convinced many to serve him. 
His minions use advanced technology and minor techinique of the
art, they have symbols representing many animals on their
uniforms.  Use strategy against these foes for they use powerful
weaponary.  Though the fate of Zordon is unknown."
     For Soun, Akane and the others it frightened them on how
Colonge much Cologne knows.
     "These minions they will strike again." Cologne hopped on
her cane out of room.

Released on: August 1, 1995
Written by: J. Ng 
Edited by: KK InKoperated, FanFic Division, P.Chau, CEO
Proofread by: P. Chau(TK), P. Davis(KK)

     Be prepared for the next chapter of Ranma vs. The Mighty
Mophin' Power Rangers.  The Power Rangers call on the three
original Power Rangers, as they plan to attack a very close
"associate" of Ranma, the pig-tailed girl.  But little do they
know their main objective is right there, and see how far Kuno's
love for the pig-tailed girl will go.

       I bet there's an alien culture on another planet that knows the
    meaning of life but won't tell us because they don't think we're ready.
             Maybe a little torture will help change their tune.
                                -Jack Haney