Subject: Re: Nodoka's attitude.
From: John Peasley
Date: 8/24/1995, 11:53 PM
CC: FanFic ML <>

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On Thu, 24 Aug 1995, White Wolf wrote:

Ok, question.  Would Nodoka make Ranma kill himself or not?  I'm going to
write a fanfic where Nodoka finds out about Ranma, and I need your
opinions.  Hm.  Make that, *try* to make him commit seppeku.  I'd never 
let him actually do it.

Second question.  Which of Ranma's fiancees would Nodoka want him to marry?

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I personally think Nodoka would chew both of them out a bit about keeping 
it a secret so long, but she would tell Ranma that he has acted honorably 
in doing the best he can, even with his curse. Genma would probably get 
the short end of the stick however, if Nodoka ever found out about all of 
his promises and behavior.. I personally think Nodoka would say that 
Akane is the fiancee that Ranma is forced to take, since it is the most 
recent of Ranma's fiancees and since he is already there-- Plus they get 
along so well! :P